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Can a Hospital Bed Be Installed Upstairs?

A common misconception about hospital beds is they can’t go upstairs when in fact many of them can. If you are told they can’t, it is highly likely because of health and safety/ regulations in place.

Often when a hospital bed cannot go upstairs its because they are too heavy and difficult to manoeuvre. This is typically for hospital beds that are built as one solid frame. When this is the case it is impractical and unsafe for the bed to be carried through narrow doorways and up staircases. 

Many of our hospital beds are able to be installed upstairs ad they arrive in sections which can be carried easily. Our hospital beds such as our Opera Classic and Signature can all go upstairs. Our installation crews are trained to safely and efficiently install your bed in your room of choice. For larger hospital beds such as our Solo Bed in 4ft we recommend downstairs installation only due to their additional widths and weight.

If you are ever unsure whether one of our hospital beds is able to be installed upstairs feel free to get in touch with us before installation. You can always send us your images/ dimensions before our installers visit. 

Opera Signature Comfort Profiling Bed

Considering Future Needs

One thing to consider about a hospital bed going upstairs is the user. By this we mean do you foresee anything changing that would prohibit the user getting upstairs? Are their care needs likely to progress and stop them getting upstairs? As mentioned previously, hospital beds can be heavy, so may not be moved easily. If you need a hospital bed moving, it will need to be de-installed and then transported. We do provide this service at an additional cost, so it is worth considering when having a hospital bed installed upstairs.

If you need any further information on any of our hospital beds, and whether it can go upstairs our team are happy to assist on 0333 222 8584.

Find out how Opera could help you with your bed needs.

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