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How do I get a hospital bed cheap/free?

A hospital bed is often the best solution to help improve a persons life who struggles using a standard bed. But it does come at a cost. View our helpful tips below on ways to reduce the cost of a hospital bed:

1. Apply for funding

There are a number of organisation who would be worth contacting and enquiring about funding. Such as the government, a charity or trust such as The League of the Helping Hand or contact a local carer group who may be able to give you some advice.

2. Purchasing a reconditioned bed

Another option for getting a cheap hospital bed may be to buy a used/second hand bed which has been refurbished as they will cater for you needs sufficiently at a more affordable price.

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3. Speak to a local hospital or council

Speaking to a local council or hospital may prove useful when looking for a cheap/free hospital bed. As they will either be able provide you with support and information or guide to a contact who will offer support.

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