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The benefits of a split mattress platform on dual profiling beds

Dual profiling beds allow couples to share a bed, even when a medical need arises. The adjustable split mattress platform lets couples sleep beside each other undisturbed without compromising comfort, accessibility and their health care needs.  

What is a dual adjustable profiling bed? 

A dual profiling bed has all the benefits of a profiling bed, but with a split mattress platform built for two people.  

The whole bed can be raised and lowered to ease getting in and out of bed, as well as for care needs, while the independent mattress platforms allow each sleeper to adjust their position in bed via an electronic handset, without affecting the other partner.  

What are the benefits of a profiling bed? 

Adjustable beds allow you to raise and lower the back and legs rests to find your perfect sleeping position and assist with getting in and out of bed. The electric-powered bed frame is more practical than propping yourself up with pillows and does not move around during the night in the same way as support cushions do.  

Meanwhile, sleeping with your head and legs are raised above your stomach  is scientifically proven to improve circulation, reduce swelling, help with breathing, alleviate pressure on joints and boost mobility.  

A dual adjustable bed enables you to take advantage of all these benefits, without having to compromise with your partner.  

With a dual profiling bed you can: 

Share a bed with your loved on for longer.  

When medical, health and accessibility needs arise, we often have to give up some of the freedoms weve taken advantage of such as sleeping next to a partner.  

This can leave us feeling isolated and separated from the ones we love, which impacts our wellbeing and relationships. 

But, with a dual adjustable bed you can continue to share a bed with your loved one and have a bed thats accessible and supports your health care needs.  

No need to compromise.  

Thanks to the split mattress platform of a dual bed, you can choose exactly how you want to be positioned without having to compromise with your partner. Whats more they can also decide how they want to sleep whether its with your head slightly raised, laid completely flat or with legs lifted to support the lower back.

You each get a handset that controls your side of the bed, so theres no risk of your partner disturbing your sleep by pressing the wrong button in the middle of the night.

The Opera® Signature Comfort Dual Profiling Bed

Say goodbye to snoring.  

There are many reasons why we snore, but to put it simply, it’s when our airways aren’t fully open for air to move freely. This obstruction creates vibrations in the tissue surrounding your nose and throat – causing that well-known, but unpopular nighttime sound. 

By using the adjustable platform to tilt your neck, you can open your airways and reduce snoring.  

This is not only great for your partner who can rest peacefully without being disturbed by noise but its also better for you as a snorer, as snoring can lead to poor sleep quality and sleep apnoea

A couple sleeping in the Opera® Signature Comfort Dual Profiling Bed

Why choose an Opera dual profiling bed? 

Operas dual profiling beds boast all the benefits mentioned in this guide, including the ability to raise and lower the height of the bed and adjust the back and leg rests independently. 

The Opera® Signature Comfort Dual Profiling Bed dressed.Moreover, an Opera bed has been thoughtfully designed for homely environments to help your bed fit perfectly with your home décor. We work with highly-skilled craftspeople and upholsterers in Britain to ensure your bed is finished to the highest standard, balancing durability with comfort and aesthetics.  

Our handsets feature a locking setting that allows you to deactivate functions if they are safety concerns and, unlike many profiling care beds, the Opera® Signature Comfort Dual Profiling Bed features a low footboard to prevent any possible feelings of entrapment.

Find out how Opera could help you with your bed needs.

Contact us, or speak to our experts advisors on 0333 222 8584

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