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What mattress is right for my adjustable bed?

Most standard mattresses are not compatible with adjustable beds, so you’re likely going to have to purchase a mattress with your new electric bed. Choosing the right mattress may seem daunting, but we’ve laid out a simple guide below.

When it comes to picking the right mattress for your adjustable electric bed, it’s largely down to personal preference and your body’s needs.

If you are purchasing an adjustable or mobility bed for purely comfort needs, you’ll likely want to consider a Pocket Sprung, Foam, Gel or Hybrid design.

Pocket sprung mattress for electric adjustable bed.

A pocket sprung mattress is excellent for regulating your body temperature as you sleep. However, not all standard pocket sprung mattresses are suitable for electric beds, so you must check with your provider.

All of our pocket sprung mattresses are flexible and fully adjustable and designed specifically for adjustable beds. The mattress is designed to contour to body shape and movement, with each spring moving independently to support and cushion your unique posture.

Pocket Sprung Mattress for Adjustable Bed

Main benefit(s) of a pocket sprung mattress with your adjustable bed:

  • Temperature regulating.

Foam mattress for electric adjustable bed.

Memory foam was originally developed in the 1970s by NASA to be used as seat cushioning and crash protection for airline pilots and passengers. Now, many people around the world crash out on it every night!

Foam mattresses are brilliant for spinal support - the foam has excellent shape retention and proven longevity.

Our foam designs are crafted especially for adjustable beds, equipped with a non-slip base and two-way turn feature that prolongs the mattress's life.

Main benefit(s) of a foam mattress with your adjustable bed:

  • Foam offers spinal support.

Gel mattress for electric adjustable bed.

Gel mattresses are made up of several layers of foam and gel to provide you with maximum comfort, spinal support and temperature control. They’re great for those who struggle to keep cool during the night as gel has heat diffusing properties.

The layers of Opera’s gel mattress adapts to your body's shape, encourages a consistent airflow and is designed specifically for orthopaedic beds.

Main benefit(s) of a gel mattress with your adjustable bed:

  • Cooling gel regulates temperature.
  • Body is supported by several layers of gel.
Hybrid Mattress for Adjustable Bed


Hybrid mattress for electric adjustable bed.

If you can’t quite decide between a pocket sprung, foam or gel mattress for your new adjustable bed, we’ve got you covered with our hybrid mattress.

Each layer serves a particular purpose to support you while you sleep - advanced orthopaedic foams, pocket springs and cooling gel layers work together to provide you maximum comfort, spinal support and temperature regulation.

If you are looking for an orthopaedic bed for a specific health need or if you are coming out of hospital, you may need to look at pressure care mattresses.

Have more questions about mattresses for adjustable beds?

If you are concerned about mattress compatibility, all of our mattresses work with adjustable beds, electric beds and orthopaedic beds and the Opera team is only a phone call away when you need advice.

Call our friendly customer care staff, who are always happy to help answer questions between 7am - 4:30pm, Monday to Friday.

For all mattresses, we offer a 10-day trial period to ensure the mattress is suitable for you. If you are not 100% happy, we can exchange or refund your mattress. Please ensure you purchase your mattress with a protector sheet to qualify for the trial.

Find out how Opera could help you with your bed needs.

Contact us, or speak to our experts advisors on 0333 222 8584

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