Installation Guide: Opera® Profiling Beds

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Opera® profiling beds have been designed to ensure installation in care homes and private homes is as simple as possible. They are transported in a compact form that ensures they can be shipped economically and are able to fit through doorways and round tight corners. They are also designed for self-assembly and require very few tools to successfully install.

Key installation tips

There are a few basic tips to be aware of that will help you in the installation of an Opera® profiling bed:

  • Recommended number of installers: 2 people
  • Recommended working space: 2m x 2.5m
  • Estimated time to complete install: 30 – 60 minutes
  • Points to consider: Heavy parts; requires mains power outlet; large size when constructed
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How Opera® profiling beds are delivered

Opera® profiling beds split up into four parts and are put on to transportation brackets for storage and shipping.

In this transportation mode, Opera® beds are in a compact form that allows them to be economically shipped and easily transported through doorways and tight spaces. The bed is covered in a cardboard sleeve for protection and the castors are left unpackaged to ensure the bed can be wheeled around easily. The picture below shows an Opera® profiling bed in transportation mode, this is how they are delivered.

How the Bed Arrives

If the bed is delivered by courier service for you to assemble yourself, it will arrive on a pallet with a separate side rail box and a mattress (if specified with the bed). If you have chosen to have the bed installed by Opera® engineers, they will deliver the bed to the home, bring it into the property, and assemble it in your chosen space.

Installation options

There are two ways you can choose to have an Opera® profiling bed installed:

Installed by Opera® engineers

Opera have a UK-wide network of engineers that are trained to install and service Opera® products. A bed installation in a care home or private home by engineers takes no longer than 30-45 minutes. The engineers will bring the bed into the property, assemble it, show the user how to operate it and take away all packaging.

Having an Opera® bed installed by trained engineers gives complete peace-of-mind as they take full responsibility for the construction and commissioning of the bed. For buyers who have little familiarity with profiling beds, having an experienced engineer demonstrate the bed functions is invaluable.

Engineer Installation

Install the bed yourself

Opera® profiling beds are designed to facilitate self-assembly. They are split into four parts, the head and foot board are detached and the mattress platform comes in two separate sections. If your bed has side rails, these are in separate box. The components are fitted together and secured using thumb screws and tighteners which come with the bed, only a standard-size screwdriver is required for assembly. The main thing to bear in mind when assembling the bed is weight of individual parts, it ideally needs two people to install the bed effectively.

All Opera® beds come with a step-by-step pictorial installation manual and you can also use the following video to guide you when installing the bed.

Video guide: How to install an Opera® profiling bed

Downloads: Opera® Installation Guides

Below are the installation guide downloads for the profiling beds in the Opera® range. The installation section is set out as a pictorial, step-by-step process.

Opera® Eco/Classic

Opera Eco/Classic Profiling Bed

Opera® Signature

Opera Signature Installation guide

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