Auto-weighing technology in Opera® Air Mattresses is making pressure care easier and more effective

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Auto-weighing technology is being used in Opera® Alternating Air Mattresses to improve the effectiveness of pressure care and increase carer efficiencies. In this article I explain what auto-weighing technology is and look at the key benefits it has for care providers.

What is auto-weighing technology?

Auto-weighing technology uses weighing sensors that are incorporated into the mattress system to calculate the weight of the user and distribute air flow accordingly. As the user's weight fluctuates or a new user is put on the mattress, the technology responds to ensure intelligent and effective pressure care.

The technology also has a comfort adjustment setting in the event that a user finds the air flow setting for their user weight to firm or soft. This adjustment allows the air flow to be increased or decreased.

Auto-weighing Air Mattress

The benefits of auto-weighing technology

Accepting new admissions is easier

When a new resident is admitted, a lot of preparation goes into ensuring all the right equipment and care plan is in place to ensure the individual's care needs are met. A part of this process is assessing the resident's pressure care needs. If they need an air mattress, the patient must be weighed and the air mattress system's settings adjusted accordingly. Auto-weighing technology removes this requirement, making admissions easier and quicker.

Pressure care is patient-specific

With auto-weighing technology, the mattress is able to respond intelligently to fluctuations in user weight. This ensures pressure care is effective and specific to the patient.

Care staff time is saved

Air mattresses with auto-weighing technology require no manual input. This means care staff will never have to worry about set-up of the air mattress for their patient or any ongoing adjustments. it also removes the need for staff training on pump unit weight adjustments.

The Opera® Air Mattresses with auto-weighing technology

Four mattresses from the Opera® range now have auto-weighing technology. These are:

Opera® Flo Auto

Opera® Flo Auto

The Opera® Flo Auto is a 16-cell cost-effective air mattress system rated to high risk.

View the Opera® Flo Auto

Opera® Eclipse

Opera® Eclipse

The Opera® Eclipse is a deep, 19-cell air mattress that has advanced features and functionality and is rated to high/very risk..

View the Opera® Eclipse

Opera® Impulse

Opera® Impulse

The Opera® Impulse is a hybrid system that comines 16 air cells with multiple specilaist foams to provide advanced pressure relief rated to very high risk.

View the Opera® Impulse

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