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We take a look at how Rosemary Lodge are committed to providing the highest standard of care and accommodation, and the role Opera Care play in supporting this by supplying a range of care beds and pressure care mattresses.

“Opera Care beds have helped us to improve the quality of care at Rosemary Lodge, benefiting individual residents and the care staff who support them.”

Rosemary Lodge

Rosemary Lodge Residential Home, situated a short distance from the cathedral city of Lichfield, has been providing residential care for up to 32 residents since 1990.

Rosemary Lodge Residential Home

Rosemary Lodge's Challenge

Due to the changing needs of the residents within Rosemary Lodge, it was identified that the divan style beds currently in use were no longer going to be suitable. This led the management of Rosemary Lodge to explore the care bed market to source a new range of profiling beds and pressure care mattresses for their residents.

Care Residents Smiling

“We wanted to acquire attractive, comfortable beds with abilities to assist resident’s mobility, and also to assist staff with safe, effective moving and handling”

Rosemary Lodge were keen to provide their residents with leading care equipment without detracting from the homely environment they work hard to maintain.

“It was also important to us that the beds were attractive and fit in with the high standard of décor, furniture and presentation within the resident’s rooms at Rosemary Lodge.”.

Rosemary Lodge Corridor
Care Home Seating Area

Opera Care's Solution

Being dissatisfied with their existing supplier due to reliability, quality and customer service issues, managers at Rosemary Lodge reached out to Opera Care after hearing positive reports about the Opera range.

“We had a personal meeting with Steve Murray who maintained a great working relationship throughout the entire term of our supply”

A meeting was arranged with Steve Murray, one of the account managers at Opera, and a trial was arranged for the Opera Signature Bed and Opera Synergy Hybrid Mattress in order for the carers and residents of Rosemary Lodge to try the Opera range before committing to a purchase.

Upholstered Care Bed
Synergy Pressure Care Mattress

"Having one point of contact made things so much easier"

Rosemary Lodge were suitably impressed that they ordered the first of their eventual 18 Signature Beds and Synergy Mattresses.

The Benefits

When asked about the benefits that Opera beds and mattresses brought, management at Rosemary Lodge responded,

“They (the beds and mattresses) have improved the quality of care for residents in terms of comfort and well-being. They also assist staff to help residents in a safe and more effective manner. The mattress benefit in terms of reduction in pressure ulcers and skin integrity issues."

Happy Birthday Resident
Rosemary Lodge Garden
Rosemary Lodge Conservatory
Outdoor Area Care Home

"Opera Care beds have helped us to improve the quality of care at Rosemary Lodge benefiting individual residents and the care staff who support them."

Ongoing Support

Opera Care continue to support Rosemary Lodge with care beds and mattresses, providing delivery fast and free within 24 hours to assist the home in providing the highest standard of care and accommodation for every individual.

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