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The complete guide to pressure ulcers/sores

What is a pressure sore?

A pressure sore or commonly know as a bedsore is an injury which starts on the surface of the skin and then can progress further into the tissue. They are caused when a person's movement is restricted for a long period of time which causes a build up of pressure.

A common place to develop a bed sore is on the skin surrounding areas such as the heel, ankle, sacrococcygeal region, shoulder and ear.

Elderly Gent in Bed

There are other factors which can also lead to bed sores, such as incontinence, malnutrition and sustained friction and shearing of the skin.

There are many methods which can be used to prevent pressure sores, such as a balanced diet which provides nutrition and hydration to ensure healthy skin , a turning plan to re-distribute the pressure on the body and a suitable mattress which can help prevent developing and treat pressure sores.

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