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Three cheers for Englands improving care homes

The CQC's findings

This week, the Care Quality Commission (CQC) stated that more than 12,000 people in England's care homes are now safer and receiving better levels of care compared to two years ago. A big round of applause please! Here's the story...

In 2014, the CQC carried out inspections which resulted in 372 care homes being rated, inadequate. Two years on, and the watchdog has revealed that almost three-quarters of the 372 homes that are still operational have now improved.

The CQC rolled out a tougher inspection system in 2014, and as a result, whilst most homes were rated "good, some "required improvement and a total of 372 of Englands 11,000+ care homes were rated inadequate. The CQC then monitored and analysed what happened to the 372 inadequate homes over a 1½ year period.

The results from that period found that 73% of the homes still operational made improvements. The CQC said that among the changes made by these care homes were:

  • Investment in the training of staff
  • Cleanliness
  • Rooms and communal areas were made homely and welcoming at all times

The improvements represent a huge achievement from care home owners, operators and staff, and is made all the more sweet considering current financial strains experienced by the care sector.

Let's keep improving

Whilst this is a huge step forward, there is always more we can be doing to improve our country's care environments and the lives of elderly and disabled people.

Of the homes that have improved, 68 had made huge progress and were rated as 'good', whilst a further 205 had moved up to the rating 'requires improvement'.

The CQC's chief inspector of adult social care Andrea Sutcliffe said regarding the report, "While services that have moved to 'requires improvement' are heading in the right direction, I am clear that this is still not good enough and providers cannot afford to be complacent. She went on to say, "Evidence of consistent practice and sustainability is what we are looking for, to ensure people always get the good care they deserve.

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