Do Waterproof Mattresses Make You Sweat?


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A waterproof mattress that has a vinyl cover is likely to cause sweating and discomfort. This is due to the protective layer within the mattress preventing the air from circulating. Instead, waterproof mattresses with a breathable top layer such as polyurethane (PU) or Nylon are a better choice.

Mattresses that use a PU cover are still waterproof but do not cause sweatiness and are much quieter and comfortable to sleep on. Air continues to circulate through the mattress, allowing any water vapour to escape through the top layer which in turn reduces overheating.

Opera Beds Vapour Permeable Waterproof Mattress

Cleanliness and Maintenance

A waterproof mattress will protect against accidental spills preventing moisture to seep into the mattress layers. Our pressure care mattresses are equipped with a fully wipe clean cover and machine washable for easy maintenance. The Opera Eclipse Mattress cover has anti-microbial properties which ensures the mattress combats bacterial and fungal growth.

Opera Beds Wipe Clean Mattress Cover

Waterproof Covers

Like a waterproof mattress, covers that are waterproof are a simple way to protect your bed from leaks and stains. They also provide an additional layer of comfort and can sleep with peace of mind your bed and mattress are protected.
Something to consider when looking for waterproof covers/protectors is the material they are made from.

Depending on the breathability of the material will depend on how hot you and your mattress will get. Natural materials such as cotton and bamboo are considered cooling fabrics which are effective in preventing sweating. Our quilted Mattress Protector Sheet combines natural softness from Cotton with the waterproof properties from PU. This helps the mattress protector prevent the transmission of spills, dirt and bugs but also helps to keep cool during the night.


If you are overheating during the night, it may be worth re-adjusting your mattress cover/protector. When it comes to type of protector, these are either encased, fitted, or anchored to the mattress. Encase protectors cover every inch of the mattress however often result in poor circulation throughout the mattress. Fitted protectors are put on your mattress the same as a fitted sheet, making them easier to handle and keep cool. Although they only protect one side of the mattress. Anchored/strapped mattress protectors often shift from the mattress edge and will need readjusting but do help to keep you cool as you sleep.


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