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Wondering how big a hospital bed is? This dimensions guide gives all the key measurements a buyer/specifier of Opera® hospital beds will need to consider. Whilst this guide details the measurements for one particular Opera® model, all beds in the range have the same mattress platform dimensions and all other dimensions are similar across all the beds.

The bed we measure: Opera® Classic

The measurements in this dimensions guide are taken from the Opera® Classic profiling bed (pictured), a community hospital-style bed used in care homes and care at home. The Classic bed is height adjustable, has a profiling mattress platform, is supplied complete with side rails and is also available as a low bed.

Opera® Classic Profiling Bed

There is also a section below for the dimensions of the Opera® Classic when fitted with an extension kit, a feature that enables the Classic to accommodate taller users.

Find out more about the Opera® Classic profiling bed

External dimensions

The dimensions illustrated below show the overall dimensions of an Opera® hospital bed. A bed from the range measures: Length – 2150mm (84.6″); Width – 1020mm (40.2″); and Height – 880mm (34.6″). The height is measured when the bed is in its lowest position.

Hospital Bed Length
Hospital Bed Width

Height range

Opera® profiling beds are all height-adjustable, but there are three different lifting height ranges: standard-height; low; and all-in-one. Height range is measured from the floor to the top of the mattress platform (illustrated below).

  • Standard-height beds (395mm-795mm/15.6″-31.3″) – Can be lowered to ease access into and out of the bed and raised to assist the carer in nursing the bed user. Standard-height hospital beds are usually supplied complete with side rails to prevent falls
  • Low beds (220mm-620mm/8.7″-24.4″) – Able to go very low to the ground to minimise fall injury and are used where side rails are not suitable for the patient. Unable to be raised to a practical nursing height for taller carers.
  • All-in-one beds (180mm-700mm/7.1″-27.6″) – Merge the benefits of a standard-height and low bed. Can be lowered to less than 200mm from the floor and can be raised to a practical nursing height.
Hospital Bed Height Range


Trendelenburg functions allow the bed to be raised or lowered at either the head or foot end so that the whole bed tilts (learn more about Trendelenburg). When Trendelenburg is used, the space the bed needs in length increases. The illustration below shows the angle of Trendelenburg and the space needed for the bed to tilt fully.

Trendelenburg Measurements

Mattress platform dimensions

The dimensions illustrated below show the dimensions of the mattress platform (the slatted base which the mattress sits on). The measurements are as follows: Length – 2000mm (78.7″); and Width – 900mm (35.4″).

Mattress Platform

Profiling mattress platform

The illustration below shows the length of each section of the profiling mattress platform, and also the angle at which the back/head rest can be raised.

Profiling Mattress Platform

Maximum mattress depth

For care homes, ensuring the profiling bed is compliant with government anti-entrapment regulations is essential. The BS EN 60601-2-52:2010 medical beds standard stipulates that the distance between the top of the mattress and the top of the side rails (illustrated below) must be at least 220mm (8.7″). Mattress depths are usually measured in inches and most profiling beds will accommodate a 6″ mattress but the Opera® Classic (the bed being used for the dimensions in this guide) can accommodate mattresses of up to 8″.

Mattress Depth Capacity

Adding an extension kit

For users that exceed 6ft, an extension kit may be required to ensure the bed can accommodate their height. An extension kit which includes a mattress platform extension, mattress infill and extended side rails can be purchased and fitted to the hospital bed to increase its length. The extension kit for Opera® profiling beds extends the bed by 200mm (7.9″). View it here.

Extra Long Hospital Bed

Extra wide beds

For larger users, either in width and/or weight, extra wide beds are 1340mm (52.8″) wide, 320mm (12.6″) wider than a standard-width hospital bed, enabling them to accommodate these larger/plus-size users. There are also bariatric wide beds which are designed and constructed to capacitate excessive weight as well as width, and are used to accommodate bariatric and plus-size users. The extra width on beds like the Opera® Signature Extra Wide is also preferable for standard-size users who require additional space whilst in bed. The illustration below shows the dimensions of an extra wide mattress platform (the slatted base which the mattress sits on).

Extra Wide Mattress Platform

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