Is a Hybrid Pressure Care Mattress an Air Therapy Mattress?


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 The Opera® Impulse Hybrid Mattress is a pressure care mattress that is capable of being both a static pressure care mattress and an air therapy mattress. You can step up the static Hybrid mattress with the choice of air therapy later should you need it.

What does 'Hybrid' mean?

The Opera® Impulse is a Hybrid pressure care mattress because it can adapt to suit the needs of the user. It has the capability to be both a static foam mattress and an active air mattress with the use of the air pressure pump system.

Who is this mattress for?

Pressure care mattresses suit a user that is prone to pressure ulcers or already suffers with them. The Opera® Impulse Hybrid Mattress has a pressure risk category of ‘Very High’ and is best suited for those who are at a very high risk of developing a pressure sore. This is a popular mattress choice for users in care homes or that require nursing at home due to its adaptability.

The design

When used as a static mattress, the Impulse is designed with layered foam, a broad-castellated head zone for comfort and a gel-infused heel zone for vulnerable areas of skin. When used with the air pressure pump system, users can benefit from the pressure relieving qualities of the foam mattress in conjunction with an active form of pressure relief. The air cells inside the mattress are inflated with the correct amount of air needed for each user by using auto-weigh technology. These air cells then constantly alternate by inflating and deflating to reduce pressure build up on the skin. The intricate design of the mattress is encompassed in a wipe-clean cover to protect against bacteria and promote hygiene.


Pressure relief during a power cut?

The Opera® Impulse Hybrid Mattress acts as a pressure care mattress without the use of the pump, so in the event of a power outage, users are supported by lying on the high-risk foam surface.

Main benefits of the Impulse

  • Adaptable
  • Reliable
  • Step up to air therapy pump later
  • Suits different users
  • Wipe-clean cover
  • Supports during a power cut


Take a look at the Impulse Hybrid Pressure Care Mattress


Want to know more?

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