Can I Use My Own Mattress on an Opera Adjustable Bed?


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If you already have an adjustable mattress, it may be suitable for an Opera adjustable bed. It’s always worth checking with the supplier just in case. However, if your current mattress or the one you are thinking of buying is a regular mattress it is not suitable for an adjustable bed. Normal mattresses do not contour to the adjustments of an electric bed. They do not flex easily and restrict the bed movement.

Suitable mattresses for adjustable beds

All our mattresses are designed to be used with our adjustable beds. Our mattresses provide flexibility and support and correspond with the movement of the bed. Our adjustable comfort mattresses have an anti-slip base cover to prevent the mattress from slipping out of place when your bed adjusts.

We have a range of suitable adjustable comfort mattresses, in a variety of fillings ranging from supportive orthopaedic foam to cooling infused gel.

When it comes to choosing the right mattress for your adjustable bed the main thing to consider is what firmness you prefer and your body’s needs. For instance, if you prefer a more supportive and firmer mattress, you may wish to choose a foam mattress. Foam mattresses are a great option that gives spinal support, foam gives excellent shape retention and proven longevity.

Our foam mattresses:

Opera® Ortho Adjustable Mattress – single layer foam designed for back and postural support

Opera® Memory Adjustable Mattress – layered foam which includes memory foam

Opera® Natural Latex Adjustable Mattress – layered foam including high-density base support foam and natural latex topping

If you struggle to struggle to keep cool during the night gel-infused mattresses may be the best choice of mattress for your adjustable bed.

Gel mattresses are made up of several layers of foam and gel to provide you with maximum comfort, spinal support, and temperature control. Our gel mattresses adapt to the shape of your body which encourages a consistent airflow.

Our gel mattresses:

Opera® Cool Gel Adjustable Mattress – deeply layered with supporting foam and temperature regulating gel

Best of both foam and gel: Hybrid Mattress

If you want the combination of the cooling properties of gel and the utmost comfort from foam then a hybrid mattress may be for you. Each layer serves a particular purpose to support you while you sleep - advanced orthopaedic foams, pocket springs, and cooling gel layers work together to provide you maximum comfort, spinal support, and temperature regulation.

Our hybrid mattress:

Opera® Premium Hybrid Adjustable Mattress - combines comfort support foam with pocket springs giving spinal support and temperature control

Traditional Pocket Sprung

A pocket sprung mattress is excellent for regulating your body temperature as you sleep. However, not all standard pocket sprung mattresses are suitable for electric beds, so you must check with your provider.

Our pocket sprung mattress:
Opera® Premium Sprung 4000 Adjustable Mattress – blends pocket springs and real sheep wool for cushioning and support

Ensure you check your adjustable mattress is suitable

Even if you have an adjustable mattress already, it’s key that you check whether it’s suitable for your Opera adjustable bed. Measure the size and depth of your current mattress to check it will fit within the bed base. You can find the full dimensions and specifications of our adjustable beds online at the bottom of the bed page, look for the mattress platform length and width.

Our dual adjustable beds have separate mattress platforms which require 2 individual mattresses. So if you have one complete king or super king adjustable mattress this is not suitable for our dual beds. If you’re using your own mattress, make sure they are the same width to avoid one side of the bed is higher than the other.


We would advise purchasing an adjustable bed and mattress from the same supplier to avoid disappointment or potential accidents/damage. If you’re unsure our helpful team can assist in choosing the most suited mattress for your Opera adjustable bed.

Take a look at Opera’s Adjustable Mattress Range


Find out how Opera could help you with your bed needs.

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