What Is the Difference Between a Low Bed and a Floor Bed?


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Deciding on which profiling care bed to choose for yourself or someone with care needs can be daunting with so many different options. Understanding more about the difference between a low bed and a floor bed will help you choose which is best suited for your specific needs. The difference between the two, is that a low profiling bed will lower closer to the ground than a standard profiling bed, however a floor bed will stop as close to the floor as possible. So, the main consideration when choosing a height range for your profiling care bed, is to assess the fall risk of the user.

Low Profiling Beds:

A low profiling bed would suit the needs of someone needing help getting in and out of bed by lowering down the bed from a normal height. Compared to a standard profiling bed’s all-in-one height range (24.5cm-62cm), a low bed could lower to 22cm above the floor. With a lower height, this would lower the risk of a fall and make it easier for the user to swing their legs into the bed. The low profiling bed will also raise to 62cm, but this would not be a comfortable nursing height for taller carers. Safety mats can drastically reduce the fall risk when used with a low bed, which suits many users with different care needs, however it will not completely eliminate the risk of fall or injury.

Floor Beds:

Some profiling care beds are also available with floor level height. The Opera® Solo Comfort Profiling Bed lowers to just 11cm from the floor, eliminating fall risk. A floor bed reduces the need for side rails and if a user were to move from the bed, at the floor level, the fall would be more like a roll instead. This function proves ultra-safe for users with dementia, resulting is less injury. Floor beds such as the Opera® Solo also raise to a nursing height of 73.5cm and have unrestricted hoist access to ease caring on the bed.

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