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How to create the perfect nighttime routine with Alexa

Creating a nighttime routine with Alexa is easy. The virtual personal assistant can set reminders, play music and even connect to other smart gadgets in your home, like lightbulbs, thermostats and even adjustable beds. 

With a variety of different Alexa devices available - from the compact Echo to the larger Echo Show that boasts a screen - it’s never been simpler to personalise your very own nighttime routine. 

All you need to do is open the Alexa app on your phone and set up your own routine. The next time you say “Goodnight, Alexa”, she’ll get you ready for your evening wind down. 

We’ve rounded up some of our best ideas for a relaxing Alexa nighttime routine. 

Set the mood and turn down the lights. 

Smart light bulbs are great because not only can you turn your lights on and off with just the sound of your voice, but you can also dim your lights and change the colour to suit your mood. 

As you’re starting to get ready for bed, Alexa can slowly start to dim your lights for you. Surrounding yourself with bright light before you go to bed can disrupt your sleep, so using Alexa to create soft lighting before bed is an essential step in any nighttime routine. 

You can also set up a night light on your Alexa. If you don’t like sleeping in pitch black, the device can act as a nightlight for the whole night or for a chosen set amount of time. 

Immerse yourself with  relaxing sounds. 

You can create a relaxing playlist through a music streaming service to play while you’re going to sleep or while you’re winding down. 

Or if music isn’t your thing, Alexa can play your favourite audiobook to you. Again, this can be stopped by you when you’ve finished listening, or you can set a timer for it to stop. 

Alternatively, Alexa can also play sleep sounds - a variety of chilled out sounds that play on a loop while you’re drifting off to sleep. These sounds can play for as long as you want, and there’s over 50 to choose from. 

Get cosy and comfy. 

Control your smart thermostat through Alexa. 

Get Alexa to turn down your heating or set a timer for it to turn off/on at a specific time, so you stay at a comfortable temperature during the night. You can also get Alexa to turn your heating back on in the morning for when you wake up. 

Don’t forget. 

As part of your Alexa nighttime routine, you can set your alarms and reminders. 

For example, set reminders to take your medication or supplements or even when it’s time to turn off the lights and go to sleep. 

Find your perfect sleep position. 

Our new range of Smart Adjustable Beds with Alexa pairing allow you to control your bed using your voice or with our Opera App. 

Use Alexa to control various features (Zero-gravity, Anti-snore, massage, leg rest/backrest) would be good to mention the features in this part.

Some adjustable beds can now be paired with Alexa so you can adjust your position hands-free or via a smartphone. Electric adjustable beds can even remember your favourite sleep positions, so you can always easily and quickly find your ultimate sleep posture. 

Want to know more about how technology can help you sleep better at night? Take a look at our range of smart adjustable beds

Find out how Opera could help you with your bed needs.

Contact us, or speak to our experts advisors on 0333 222 8584

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