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The orthopaedic benefits of an electric adjustable bed

Adjustable beds boast many orthopaedic benefits, thanks to their electric backrest and leg rest sections that can be adapted to properly support your neck, back, torso, legs and feet.  

Thinking about buying an adjustable bed but not convinced it will really ease your back pain or joint problems? 

Here are some of the advantages you get to take home with you, along with your new adjustable frame.  

Neck support with an adjustable bed

A customisable sleep position.  

An electric bed frame aids you in improving your sleep posture as you can set it up to suit you and your needs.  

If you sleep on your back, you can ease pressure on your joints, muscles and spine with the so-called Zero Gravity position. Originating at NASA, this posture mimics weightlessness by raising your head and legs above your stomach while you sleep.  

Aside from reducing the pressure on your lower back, it can also help ease things like stiffness, acid reflux, snoring and sleep apnoea.  

Meanwhile, if you’re a side sleeper, elevating your back and leg rests in a similar way allows your spine to stay straight while your hips sink softly into the new space the adjustable frame has created.  

Adjustable beds are more reliable than pillows. 

Of course, you can achieve these positions using pillows and folded blankets, but an adjustable bed is designed to be sturdier and more reliable. Using cushions to raise your legs and neck is a great way to try out these positions, but in the long run, it’s a challenge to stack pillows every night and get them to stay there until the morning. 

Moreover, a quality adjustable bed will be approved by specialists and designed to support the human body in the correct way. A DIY set up could result in further injury or damage to your spine.  

Electric beds are easy to use.  

In comparison, an electric bed is controlled by a handset (or even your smartphone), and you can raise and lower your head and legs with the touch of a button.  

In fact, the Opera® MotionLuxe Adjustable Smart Base is compatible with Alexa, allowing you to control your bed using your voice. Simply say commands such as 'Alexa, raise my back rest' or 'Alexa, put me in anti-snore position'.

Opera MotionLuxe Adjustable Smart Base with Alexa

The benefits of adjustable beds go beyond back and neck support.  

While adjustable bed frames support you during the night, they also have many orthopaedic advantages during the day. 

For example, the backrest enables you to sit completely upright, which is great for relaxing in bed, enjoying a book, watching your favourite Netflix show or even eating breakfast.  

The leg rest can also be raised to take the pressure off achy legs and feet after a long day.   

What’s more, adjustable beds have several other health advantages, including opening up your airways to prevent snoring and sleep apnoea, improving circulation, boosting your immune system and reducing cognitive decline. Learn about the benefits of finding the perfect sleep posture with an adjustable bed 

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