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What your favourite sleep position says about you

Your sleep position affects your quality of sleep – different positions work for different bodies. But could the way you snooze give an insight into who you are as a person? We explore what your favourite sleep position says about you, plus the pros and cons of the most common postures.  

If you sleep on your side... 

You’re not alone – this is one of the most common sleeping positions for adults. There are many variations of sleeping on your side, with the fetal position being the most popular.  

If you sleep in the fetal position - on your side with your knees pulled up high - you could be quite shy, closed off and feeling anxious.  

Whereas those who sleep in the yearner position – on your side with both legs and arms stretched out – tend to be open-minded.  

Meanwhile, the log position – sleeping on your side with your legs and arms straight – suggests you’re more sociable open and trusting.  

The pros of sleeping on your side. 

  • Improves blood flow.  

  • Improves digestion. 

  • Reduces snoring. 

The cons of sleeping on your side.  

  • Can cause shoulder pain and stiffness in the body.  
  • May put pressure on your lungs.   
A person sleeping on their side next to a person sitting upright in an adjustable bed

If you sleep on your back... 

You may be confident, open and self-assured.  

There are two common ways people sleep on their backs: the soldier position and the starfish position.  

If you like to sleep in the soldier position  lying straight with your arms by your side – you may be reserved and quiet.  

In comparison, sleeping with your arms and legs stretched out in the starfish position means you’re considerate, genuine, and giving.  

If you are a back sleeper, you may want to try the zero gravity position with your legs and head raised slightly above your stomach to experience a feeling of weightlessness. Not only is this position comfortable, but zero gravity also boasts many health and mobility benefits. You can get into the zero gravity position using pillows, cushions and blankets, or more easily with an adjustable bed 

The pros of sleeping on your back. 

  • Helps prevent wrinkles.  
  • Offers support to your whole body.  
  • Improves spine alignment. 

The cons of sleeping on your back.  

  • May obstruct your airways causing snoring or sleep apnoea.  

  • Can cause neck pain if your head isn’t correctly supported.  

A person sleeping on their back on an adjustable bed in the zero gravity position

If you sleep on your stomach... 

You’re in the minority – it's one of the least common sleeping positions for adults.  

It’s said that if you sleep on your stomach, you could be anxious, impulsive and self-conscious.  

However, those who snuggle up in the freefall position – that's where you sleep on your front with your hands on or around the pillow and head to one side – are believed to be bold, outspoken and loud.  

The pros of sleeping on your stomach.  

  • Reduces snoring. 
  • Aids digestion. 
  • Opens your airways and allows oxygen to circulate freely through your body. 

The cons of sleeping on your stomach.  

  • Can cause back and neck pain.  
  • May obstruct blood flow to your brain if your neck is twisted.  
  • The pressure on your skin may increase ageing on your face.  
A yellow headboard of the Opera Versailles adjustable bedframe

Of course, the position you sleep in doesn’t always directly correlate with your personality – it should be taken with a grain of salt, and it’s important to take what resonates with you. If you’re interested in finding out more about sleep science, check out our blog on finding the perfect posture for a great night’s sleep.   


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