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Helpful advice, guidance and interesting stories around living and providing care at home. You'll also find tips on improving the home environment for individuals with disabilities and mobility restrictions.

Do You Need Help Getting Out of Bed?

Read Time: 3 minutes

#Tips for Independence at Home

As we get older, we start to face more and more challenges throughout our daily lives. Once simple tasks such as getting ourselves out of bed in the morning can be a cause of struggle and frustration. But there are some solutions that could help improve your independence and quality of life.

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Guide and How Our Beds Help

Read Time: 6 minutes

#Health Conditions

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is an autoimmune condition that leads to a neurological disease which can affect the brain and spinal cord. With MS, the body’s immune system attacks the myelin sheath, a protective layer, and this damage causes a disruption to the messages being passed along the nerves.

Dementia: Facts, Guidance and How Our Beds Help

Read Time: 8 minutes

#Health Conditions
Dementia is caused by diseases of the brain and leads to serious impairment of cognitive function (memory loss, poor coordination, emotional instability etc.). In this guide we explore how it affects those living with it and how we can best care for them.

Voilá ! Language learning classes for the elderly

Read Time: 2 minutes

#Ideas & Stories
The learning of foreign languages has long been a part of curriculum in schools and is a vital part of today's global society. The art of learning a second or multiple languages is well known to have cognitive benefits and improve a person's confidence...
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