Living at Home

Helpful advice, guidance and interesting stories around living and providing care at home. You'll also find tips on improving the home environment for individuals with disabilities and mobility restrictions.

The 'Iron Nun' is an 86-year-old inspiration

Read Time: 2 minutes

#Ideas & Stories
If ever you needed proof that age is merely a number, Sister Madonna Buder would gladly oblige. I came across her amazing tale just recently after she featured in a Nike advert which showcases her incredible physique and amazing attitude to life at the age of 86...

10 top tips on buying a hospital bed for home

Read Time: 6 minutes

#Ideas & Stories
Buying a hospital bed for the home, either for yourself or a person in your care, can be a daunting proposition. However, with a bit of knowledge of what to look out for, it can be carried out easily and effectively. Here are our 10 top buying tips...

6 online disability forums you should visit

Read Time: 4 minutes

#Tips for Independence at Home
When browsing the web for information relating to care, disabilities and illnesses, finding the result you want is much like ‘hunting the thimble’. With the sheer volume of information to hand, and all of the different types of resources available...
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