Can I use an electric blanket with my adjustable bed?

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Yes. You can use an electric blanket with any of our adjustable beds. It will not interfere in any way with the motions or functionality of the bed. 

If you’re considering purchasing an electric blanket, they can be a great addition to your bed and could give you an even better night sleep. You can use them to warm up your bed before getting into it or while you’re in your bed to keep a consistent temperature while sleeping. 

electric blanket on adjustable bed

What is an Electric Blanket?

Electric blankets are wired blankets that plug into the wall and heat up. 

In recent years, they’ve evolved to become more accessible, affordable, and safer for users. There are many options out there; they come in different shapes and forms, ranging from blankets to duvets, with features such as timers and settings to help you find and control the perfect temperature for you. 

Some electric blankets are adaptable to today’s technology and can be connected to smart plugs, meaning you can even turn them on and control them from your smartphone. What’s more, if you sleep next to a partner, you may want to consider buying a dual control electric blanket so both parties can enjoy their perfect temperature during the night. 

Why should I use an electric blanket with my adjustable bed?

Electric blankets have several benefits, affecting all aspects of your life, from your health to your wallet. 

Electric blankets can help improve your sleep; the heat from the blanket helps indicate to your body that it’s time to go to sleep, making it easier and quicker for you to fall asleep at night. 

Furthermore, while you’re sleeping, your body doesn’t need to worry about heating itself. When you’re asleep, your body switches between light sleep cycles and deep sleep cycles, allowing your body to look after itself while it’s sleeping. The temperature consistency you get with a heated blanket means your body can stay in a deep sleep cycle for longer, which improves your overall sleep quality.  

By using an electric blanket, you’re allowing your body to use its energy elsewhere and focus more on repairing itself while you are asleep. 

electric adjustable bed

Meanwhile, if you experience chronic aches and pains, the heat from the electric blanket can help with pain relief. The heat also helps improve circulation and blood flow in your body, which can stop you from feeling stiff when you wake up in the morning. 

Lastly, people opt for electric blankets at night instead of using their heating as this can reduce household bills, especially for those with gas central heating.

See our full collection of adjustable beds that can be used with electric blankets here. 

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