Opera® AutoTurn Lateral Turning System

The Opera® AutoTurn is a lateral turning system that sits under any mattress. It is designed to prevent and relieve pressure and turns any standard bed into an automated lateral turning bed. The AutoTurn redistributes pressure through its inflating and deflating air cells at a constant and comfortable flow. The automatic frequent turning supports care givers in the regular turning of high-risk individuals utilising the 0-30° lateral turning positioning system for prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers. The system automatically turns the user gently and quietly, without the intervention of a carer.

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    Pressure Risk Category: Very High

    The AutoTurn is designed for users with a high risk of developing a pressure sore. The automated turning allows the user to be relieved of pressure to prevent the development of pressure sores.

    Automated Repositioning

    The AutoTurn Lateral Turning System has automatic turning which elimates the need to manually turn users every two hours. Turning cycle can be set to occur every 30, 60 or 90 minutes.

    Lateral side-lying position

    The AutoTurn features a Lateral side-lying position where the position is turned up to 30°. This position is recommended by clinical guidelines to prevent the development of pressure sores.

    Improved care efficiency

    Eliminates the need for manual turning for pressure relief, and improves the efficiency of care and user comfort. It also minimises the risk of back, neck and shoulder injuries as a result of manually turning.

    Use with any mattress

    The AutoTurn can be installed into any care bed with a removable mattress. Installation is straightforward and takes a matter of minutes. The AutoTurn sits under any mattress turning a regular bed into a lateral turning bed.

    Better Blood Circulation

    Improved circulation is achieved by the AutoTurn which positions the user’s body to reduce pressure on the body whilst increasing capillary circulation. This also encourages a better quality of sleep and comfort.

    Specification & Details for the Opera® AutoTurn Lateral Turning System

    Pressure Prevention Risk CategoryVery High Risk
    Maximum User Weight185kg29st
    Depth (when inflated)150mm6”
    Mattress Weight
    Crib Rating (BS7177:2008)Crib 5 (Ignition Source 5)
    Titling Angle0-30°
    1 Year

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