Staying Together: Choosing a Bed When Your Partner Needs Care

Staying Together: Choosing a Bed When Your Partner Needs Care

Caring for a loved one can present unique challenges, but it's essential to prioritize their comfort and well-being while maintaining a strong bond. Couples who have shared a bed together for many years often feel obliged to sleep separately when one person requires care and extra support.

Sleeping in separate beds can have a negative impact on couples when one partner requires care. While it may seem like a practical solution to ensure individual comfort and minimise disturbances, it can inadvertently create emotional and physical distance between partners.

In this article, we'll explore practical tips, suitable beds, and considerations to help you create a nurturing and supportive environment to ensure you stay together.

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Ways to continue sharing a bed together

If you or your spouse require a care bed, transitioning from a regular double sized bed can be daunting. Typically, care beds are a 3ft single size, and with considerations such as side rails and different mattress types, it can seem inevitable that you will need to sleep in different beds – but that does not have to be the case.

Put two beds side-by-side

Putting a hospital-type bed and a normal bed next to each other may seem like a convenient option for couples when one partner requires care, but it is generally not a practical or safe solution.

Combining two different types of beds can create uneven surfaces, gaps, or unstable structures, increasing the risk of falls or accidents. The lack of uniformity in height, mattress support, and overall design can lead to difficulties in transferring or moving the individual in need of care, posing physical strain on the caregiver, and potentially causing injuries.

However, buying two identical profiling care beds and putting them side-by-side is a suitable solution.

Profiling Bed for Couples

If this option feels the most suited to you and your loved one’s needs, here are some things to consider:

  • Space and Accessibility: Ensure that there is enough room to comfortably accommodate two beds side-by-side without compromising mobility or creating obstacles in the room. Allow sufficient space for caregivers to move between the beds and provide easy access to both individuals.
  • Bed Positioning: Carefully position the beds to maximise visibility and communication between the partners. Consider placing the beds in a way that allows both individuals to maintain eye contact and engage in conversations without straining. This makes for a more comfortable experience.
  • Safety Measures: If the care beds have side rails, check that they are securely attached on each bed and functioning properly. Assess the positioning of bed controls to ensure they are easily accessible for both partners.
  • Bedding and Linens: Coordinate the bedding and linens to create a cohesive and inviting atmosphere. Opt for matching sets to enhance the sense of togetherness and shared space.

Our Signature Comfort Profiling beds have been a popular choice for our customers in the past who have chosen this option. If you’d like further advice and support, contact our team who can help.


  • You can adjust each side of the bed (including high-low height) independently
  • Two identical beds together visually look like one bed


  • There will be a gap between the mattresses
  • You will need two separate sets of bedding
  • Two care beds side-by-side can take up a lot of space

Dual/ twin profiling care beds

A dual profiling bed, has all the benefits of a profiling bed, but with a split mattress platform built for two people. It consists of two separate mattress sections that can be raised, lowered, or adjusted in various positions individually, allowing each partner to customise their sleeping position and comfort level according to their specific needs and preferences.


If one or both individuals require care needs, dual profiling beds offer several advantages:

  • Personalised comfort: Each partner can independently adjust their side of the bed to their desired position, whether it's raising the head, elevating the legs, or finding the perfect level of support. This customization helps address individual care needs and enhances overall comfort, making it easier to manage conditions such as back pain, mobility issues, respiratory problems and circulation problems
  • Reduced Disturbances: With separate adjustments, movement or repositioning on one side of the bed is less likely to disturb the other partner. This is particularly beneficial if one person requires frequent repositioning or has sleep disturbances, as the other partner can maintain their preferred sleep position without disruption.
  • Enhanced Safety: Some Dual care beds come with safety features like side rails, and are compatible with accessories like grab handles. These elements provide added stability and support, reducing the risk of falls or accidents for both partners. Our Signature Comfort Plus Dual features split 3-part rails which can be used to reduce bed falls and double up as a grab rails for extra assistance.
  • Improved Sleep Quality: The ability to personalise sleeping positions can lead to improved sleep quality for both individuals. Each partner can find their optimal position, reducing discomfort and promoting better rest, which is essential for overall health and well-being.
  • Promotes Independence: Having independent control over the bed's adjustments promotes a sense of autonomy and independence for each partner. In some instances, it allows them to manage their care needs without relying heavily on their caregiver, fostering a greater sense of self-sufficiency and dignity.


  • You can each adjust your back/leg rest independently for personalised comfort
  • No gap between mattresses
  • One bed means one duvet (separate mattress sheets required)


  • The only available size is 6ft super king which may be an issue for smaller rooms
  • Dual profiling beds are more expensive than standard 3ft care beds

Learn more about the Opera range of dual care beds here


When considering a dual/twin profiling bed, it is important to ensure that the bed meets specific requirements and preferences of each partner. They can be an excellent choice allowing couples to continuing sharing a bed together, even if care is needed.

Profiling care beds are also beneficial to care givers, helping facilitate care efficiently. It is important to determine if care needs are likely to change in the future and that everyone’s needs are different. Plus, other factors some as room size and budget are worth considering when looking for care beds for couples.  

These options should help you to decide and enable you to continue to sleep together as a couple. If you need any help in deciding or choosing a bed, give our friendly expert team a call on 0333 222 8584 and we'll help you through the whole process.


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