Elderly gentleman sitting on the edge of a profiling care bed with side rails up either side and his hands on them

What is a Profiling Care Bed and How Can it Benefit People with Limited Mobility?

Commonly known as care beds, profiling beds are designed around facilitating care and comfort. They are commonly used within care homes, domestic homes and hospitals. Profiling beds are electric and have height adjustment as well as other features to help people with care/medical needs.

In this article, we will explore what a profiling bed is and how it can benefit people with limited mobility. With over 20 years of experience manufacturing and providing profiling beds, at Opera Beds we understand how the right bed can make life easier.

Thanks to their advanced features, profiling beds are a great investment for those looking to regain their comfort and independence. If you’re considering purchasing a profiling bed for yourself or a loved one, we can guide you through the process. Choose how you’d like to get started today by getting in touch.

What is a profiling bed?

Profiling care beds are specially designed to help those who may struggle with a regular bed. This could be due to their health condition, disability or mobility which makes it difficult to get comfortable and be properly supported.

Profiling beds have a height adjustment feature

One of the key differences of a profiling care bed is the height adjustment feature. The whole bed can be raised and lowered to find the perfect height, this makes it much easier and safer when getting in and out of bed.

Many people with limited mobility can find it tricky to get out of bed, often a regular bed is too high, and they find it difficult to swing their legs in and out. It can be extra challenging for those with poor strength in their leg muscles or have poor balance. However, with a profiling bed, you can lower the bed down to a safe and comfortable height which makes it easier to transfer in and out.

An Opera profiling care bed in its highest position where the whole bed is up high to waist level

If you have carers at home or are providing care for someone, profiling beds are beneficial for them too. Delivering on-bed care puts strain on the back from excessive bending. Using the height adjustment feature and raising the bed up to waist level is safer for carers and more convenient. 

There are also profiling bed accessories such as grab rails which provide extra stability to those with limited mobility. For users transferring to a walker or wheelchair, grab rails give extra support and help when getting in and out of bed. 

At Opera Beds, we support people with care needs at home and their family members looking after their loved ones. Profiling beds offer enhanced comfort and support, and our team can find the perfect bed to suit your needs. Start your journey to making life easier by contacting our friendly advisors.

Profiling care beds improve the quality of sleep

As mentioned previously, profiling care beds offer a wide variety of adjustable positions for comfort and support. Therefore, it is much easier for people with limited mobility to get a restful and comfortable night’s sleep.

Many with a health condition, including people with limited mobility can experience broken sleep and restless nights. Furthermore, profiling beds can aid better breathing and reduce snoring for better quality sleep.

Discreet and unobtrusive styling

Profiling beds are designed to offer significant benefits to individuals with limited mobility. These beds not only serve their functional purpose but also blend seamlessly into home environments, contributing to a comforting and non-intrusive atmosphere.

Older woman sat upright in a upholstered profiling care bed in a beige and homely bedroom

The aesthetically pleasing design of profiling beds helps maintain the sense of a familiar and personal space, promoting emotional well-being. Moreover, the discreet styling avoids stigmatization often associated with traditional medical equipment, allowing users to feel more at ease and less conspicuous in their living spaces.

By integrating practicality with an unobtrusive aesthetic, profiling beds in a homely style enhances the overall quality of life for individuals who face mobility challenges. They foster a sense of dignity and independence within the comforts of their own homes.

At Opera Beds, our range of profiling beds effortlessly balances style with functionality. Every Opera bed is customisable so you can build your bed around your style and needs. Get inspired by reading our customer reviews, and why we’re rated as excellent.

How Opera can support you or a loved one with limited mobility

Buying a profiling bed for yourself, or a family member can be difficult. Profiling beds are different to regular beds, and each has a variety of features to suit varying care needs.

At Opera, we simplify the process of finding the perfect bed. You can start your Opera journey with a thorough needs-based consultation with a dedicated advisor.

An Opera sales woman with brown hair sat in front of a laptop screen holding up a hand control and demonstrating it

Your consultation can be carried out by your preferred method:

  • Over the phone
  • By video appointment
  • In-person at your home

During your consultation, our team will understand your needs and ask a series of questions before giving you suitable recommendations. We’re committed to finding the best solution to make life easier no matter how long it takes. That’s why we’re proud to be fully transparent with our pricing with no-pressure selling.

Invest in a Profiling Bed that Meets Your Needs

Profiling beds are an investment and designed to cater to your needs. As such it’s important to futureproof your choice of profiling care bed. This means choosing a bed that is suitable for now and in the future.

For many people, including those with limited mobility, medical conditions are progressive and care needs can become more advanced. At Opera, our team can guide you through choosing the right bed.

Our Signature Comfort Profiling Bed is a popular choice for futureproofing. The bed is customisable with a fully upholstered headboard and surround – perfect for that homely touch. However, if care needs to change in the future, side rails can be added to the bed at any point, should the user need additional safety. Browse our full collection of profiling beds for home or get in touch to speak to an expert.

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