10 Surprising Health Benefits of Sleeping in an Electric Bed

10 Surprising Health Benefits of Sleeping in an Electric Bed

The right bed is crucial for getting a good night’s sleep and even has benefits associated with your health.

Good sleep helps to improve brain performance, mood and overall well-being. Electric beds, known as adjustable beds are recognised for enhancing quality of sleep. They offer a variety of different positions for sleeping and sitting, which makes you more comfortable and can positively have an impact on your health.

In this article we’ll uncover 10 health benefits associated with electric beds. From sitting up right in bed properly, to alleviating pressure on the body, electric beds have the ability to transform your sleep and overall quality of life. 

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Now we begin to look at the to heath benefits of an electric bed:

 1. Better Blood Circulation:

Electric beds offer adjustable positions that can elevate your legs and upper body. By doing so, they promote better blood circulation throughout the body, preventing the development of conditions such as oedema and varicose veins.

If you or loved one experience circulation problems, an electric bed is a great investment to help manage symptoms.

 2. Alleviate Lower Back Pain:

Having an electric bed allow you to adjust your bed’s position, to find the most comfortable angle for your back. This customisation helps to alleviate back pain by reducing pressure on the spine and supporting proper alignment.

a man laying on the bed with the back and leg adjustments raised to alleviate lower back pain

Meanwhile, electric beds with the zero-gravity position simulate weightlessness for total relaxation. It helps take the pressure of the lower back by positioning the body where the spine is neutrally aligned. In doing so, it results in a more restful sleep expereince.

 3. Eases Symptoms of Acid Reflux:

For individuals suffering from acid reflux, an electric bed can be a game-changer. By raising the upper body slightly, it helps prevent stomach acid from flowing back into the oesophagus, reducing the discomfort and sleep disturbances associated with this condition.

 4. Helps Reduce Snoring and Sleep Apnoea:

Sleep apnoea and snoring can disrupt your sleep and affect your overall health. By elevating the upper body or raising the head of the bed, electric beds can help open the airways, which plays a pivotal role in reducing snoring.

By finding the optimal angle that suits your needs, you can reduce the frequency and severity of apnoea episodes, leading to a more uninterrupted and restful sleep.

a man speeling peacefully in bed

At Opera, our range of adjustable beds come with an anti-snore mode as standard. If you are a light sleeper, or snore yourself, the feature promotes proper alignment of the airway, reducing the likelihood of airway obstruction to help minimise it.

5. Relieves Muscle Tension:

After a long day, your muscles may feel tense and fatigued. With an electric bed, you can adjust the position to provide targeted support to specific areas, relieving muscle tension and promoting relaxation. There are several benefits of sleeping with your legs raised, particular for those with swelling or poor circulation.

a lady with her legs raise to help with swelling and poor circulation

Adjustable beds with advanced features such as a massage option, are another great way to relax and revive your muscles. Any of our adjustable beds can be upgraded to our Plus, base which includes the massage feature.

Learn more about our adjustable beds here.

 6. Enhances Digestion:

Sleeping on an electric bed with an inclined position can aid digestion by allowing gravity to assist the movement of food through your digestive system. This can help prevent issues like acid reflux, bloating, and indigestion and improves overall gastrointestinal comfort during sleep.

 7. Reduces Swelling:

If you struggle with swelling in your legs or feet, an electric bed can provide relief. Elevating your legs using the adjustments of an electric bed helps to facilitate the drainage of excess fluid and reduce swelling.

a man showing the lady how to raise the leg rest to help reduce swelling

This can provide relief for conditions such as conditions like oedema, post-surgical swelling or injuries, facilitating the body's natural healing process.

 8. Promotes Independence and Mobility:

For individuals with limited mobility, electric beds offer a level of independence. With the ability to adjust the bed's position, individuals can get in and out of bed more easily, improving their overall mobility and quality of life.

this is an elderly man getting out of bed by himself using the rails on the bed to help him

Meanwhile, electric beds promote independence by allowing users to adjust their own position themselves using the hand control. For some, this may have been more difficult when in a regular bed and would have require assistance.

Discover more help and advice around independence at home here.

 9. Enhances Quality of Sleep:

By allowing you to find the most comfortable position for your body, an electric bed can significantly improve sleep quality. With proper support and comfort, you're more likely to experience deep, restorative sleep.

 10. Provides Relaxation and Stress Relief:

The adjustable features and customised comfort of an electric bed can promote relaxation and help relieve stress. By finding the perfect position, you can create a soothing and comfortable environment, leading to a more peaceful and restorative sleep.

a lady speeling peacefully

Moreover, some electric beds feature massage functions that further enhance the relaxation experience, targeting specific areas of the body with soothing vibrations. The combination of tailored comfort and massage therapy can create a calming and rejuvenating environment, providing a much-needed respite from the demands and pressures of daily life. Discover our adjustable beds for comfort and support.



Investing in an electric bed can be a wise choice for those seeking improved sleep and overall health benefits. With features like adjustable positions, enhanced circulation, pain relief, and stress reduction, electric beds offer surprising advantages that go beyond traditional beds.

Remember, when choosing an electric bed, it's essential to consult with healthcare professionals or experts to determine the most suitable option for your specific needs.

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