Beds for the Disabled – Complete Guide

Beds for the Disabled – Complete Guide

When finding a bed for someone with a disability it’s important it meets the specific needs of the individual. Electric beds can greatly improve the quality of life for disabled individuals by providing comfort, support, safety, and convenience.

At Opera Beds, we’ve designed a variety of beds and accessories that can enhance the life of somebody with a medical condition. 

We have a huge range of beds available, from our profiling beds through to our electric adjustable beds. This means that there should be something suitable for every health condition, whatever the needs of the user are.

If you’d like to find out more about which type of bed is best for your situation, contact our dedicated team today.

The Opera range of disabled beds

At Opera, we make a wide variety of different bed types, designed for different needs. The types of beds that are suitable for people with disabilities are adjustable beds and profiling beds.

Adjustable beds have back and leg rest elevation, which makes it easier to achieve a comfortable and supportive night’s sleep. Depending on the person’s disability, profiling beds may be a better option as they are designed specifically to help facilitate care. Profiling care beds include height adjustment features where the whole bed raises and lowers. These beds are available with side rails for added safety.

A good night’s sleep is essential to us all, particularly if you or your loved one have a disability. Symptoms often worsen during the night, which can lead to discomfort and poor quality of sleep. Electric beds provide proper support and enhance the quality of life for people with a disability.

If you are interested in finding the right bed, your GP or health advisor can help determine the best bed. The NHS also offers home assessment services to determine what equipment a disabled person might need in their home.

Our dedicated team is also available to guide you to the best solution for yourself or your loved one’s needs.

The best bed for a disabled person depends on the specific needs and disabilities the individual has. This guide explains the factors to consider when choosing a bed for users with a disability:

Is the user struggling to get comfortable in bed?

Living with a disability can make it more difficult to get comfortable resting or sleeping positions. Those with a physical disability may experience chronic pain and discomfort leading to restless sleep.

Older woman in bed that is uncomfortable and experiencing discomfort

Adjustable beds provide comfort and support due to their ability to change position. For someone with a disability or limited mobility, it can be much easier for them to get comfortable by adjusting the back and leg rest to their favourite position. 

Sleeping with your legs up has a number of health benefits, including improving circulation. Sitting in an upright position with the back-rest adjustment also helps with back pain. All Opera beds come with back and leg adjustments, along with specific features to make life easier for disabled users and caregivers.

Learn more about our adjustable bed range here. 

How is the user getting on and off the bed?

The height of the bed is an important factor to consider when it comes to finding the best bed for a disabled person. If you or your loved one have limited mobility or require a wheelchair, a bed with height adjustable features can be beneficial. 

Profiling care beds and hospital beds have height adjustment features which allows the whole bed to go up and down. The main benefit of an adjustable bed frame is that users or carers can set the perfect access height to the bed. For wheelchair users, an adjustable frame makes it easier to get onto the bed. 

an olderly woman with blonde hair getting out of bed and holding onto the rail at the sides of the bed

Raising the bed up also allows for clearance underneath the bed. This is particularly useful for users with a disability that requires a hoist to lift them out of bed. See our range of beds with unrestricted hoist clearance here.

Is the user at risk of falling out of bed?

Physical disabilities such as Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and other conditions that cause muscle weakness can lead to a person being more likely to fall from the bed. Studies also show that someone with a learning disability is twice more likely to experience a fall when compared to the rest of the population.

Choosing the best bed for someone with a disability depends on the specific needs of the user. However, a bed with side rails helps disabled people by providing additional support and safety. 

Side rails prevent the person from rolling out of bed and helps to keep them in a secure position while in bed. This can be especially important for people who have mobility issues or conditions that affect their ability to move around easily. By using a bed with side rails, disabled individuals can feel more secure and comfortable, which can improve their overall quality of life.

Profiling care bed in a liught bedroom with wooden rails either side of the bed

At Opera, we have a wide selection of beds with side rails in a choice of full-side or split-side rails. A range of grab rails can also be purchased from our accessories page, if your bed doesn’t automatically include them.

Learn more about the different types of side rails here.

Floor beds

Beds with a super low height range (otherwise known as floor beds) can be suitable for disabled people who can get in/out of bed independently. They can also be suitable for people with dementia and other cognitive disabilities, as they help people feel more secure and comfortable in a low bed that’s close to the ground.

Low profiling beds and floor beds provide a safer sleeping height compared to a traditional bed, which helps reduce bed fall-related injuries. These types of beds are also an option if the user has a disability that places them at risk of bed falls but may not be best suited to a bed with side rails.

Lady asleep in a bed that is very close to the ground

If safety is a concern for someone with a disability

It’s important to ensure the electric bed is easy to operate, whether that be by the user themselves or a caregiver. 

If the user is vulnerable and safety is a concern, there are specific features included that can help. Our range of profiling beds has a locking feature, in which carers can disable some or all of the bed’s features for added safety. 

For more advice and support, our helpful team is on hand to find the best solution.


Does the person require care assistance?

An electric bed can benefit both people with a disability and carers if they have them. 

Our electric beds allow for remote control operation, making it easier for disabled individuals and their carers to adjust the bed’s position. Electric handsets are used in order to change the position of the bed - we’ve specifically made them easy to use, however, instructions will also be provided. 

Meanwhile, profiling beds with height adjustment features puts less strain on carers’ backs when they are delivering care.

Younger woman in a carers uniform stood holding a handset next to a care be. In the care bed is a older gentleman who is looking at the carer

Considering specific medical needs

For disabled individuals with specific medical needs (such as respiratory issues or circulation problems), profiling beds can be adjusted to accommodate their needs. Profiling beds allow for greater control over the position of the upper body. This can help ease breathing difficulties, as these beds can be adjusted to a flat position which gives easier access to respiratory treatments.

If you need a helping hand in finding the best bed, why not book a virtual showroom visit with an Opera advisor. During your visit, you’ll speak live with a member of the team and watch demos across any of our beds.

How much room do they need?

The size of the bed for someone with a disability depends on their needs and type of disability. Generally, the bed size should be sufficient enough to provide comfort and accommodate any mobility aids or mobility equipment needed.

Larger beds provide more room and comfort which can be useful for people with physiological disabilities or bariatric users. Our range of profiling and adjustable beds come in a variety of single and dual sizes from standard single up to super-king.

Our Signature Bariatric Profiling Bed is an example of a wide profiling bed that has been specifically designed for larger users with bariatric conditions. If you or your loved one receive care at home, a wide profiling bed can make it easier to facilitate nursing.

Opera can help choose a bed for someone with a disability.

If you need to buy a bed for a disabled person, you’ve come to the right place. 

At Opera, our team of dedicated advisors has a wealth of experience in providing solutions for people with different disabilities and needs. 

Finding the best bed for someone with a disability is important for several reasons:

  • Comfort – The right bed that provides proper support can help with pain and discomfort for disabled people
  • Independence – An electric bed can make it easier for people to get in and out. It also allows some users to adjust themselves independently without assistance
  • Health – Adjusting the bed is beneficial for users with respiratory conditions. Improving circulation can help people whose disabilities mean they spend long hours in bed.
  • Dignity – A comfortable and supportive bed improves the overall quality of sleep for people with disabilities.

Established in 2004, Opera has helped many people find relief for their health conditions over the years. Our beds are painstakingly designed to provide the ultimate relief for disabled people - our bed selector tool can help you work out which bed is most suitable for you.

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