Buying Guide: Rotating Chair Beds

Buying Guide: Rotating Chair Beds


Jed Lant

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A rotating disability bed is a specialist adjustable bed that turns a mattress platform into a chair to help the user to stand. These beds are also known as turning adjustable beds, rotating chair beds, sit-to-stand beds, rotoflex beds, rota-pro beds and electric rotating beds.

Opera's RotoBed® range is designed to offer advanced functionality to enable independence whilst also being stylishly designed to blend with home interiors. This guide will help you select and customise the most suitable rotating chair bed for your needs.

1. Consider your requirements

Firstly, and most importantly, you need to assess your requirements and identify what you need the bed to do for you.

  • How difficult is it to get out of your current bed?
  • Are you able to get out of a seated position unassisted?
  • Once standing, do you need a frame/hoist to help you walk?

Ideally, you need to write down all these needs so that when selecting a turning bed, you choose a design that best meets each need. If you have a personal care, occupational therapist or district nurse, it may help for you to create this list with them.

Need help identifying your requirements? Call our advice team for a personal consultation on 0333 222 8584.

2. Select a bed model

Next, it’s time to choose a model that meets your requirements. For Opera's RotoBed® range this is straightforward with two models: the Home is a fixed-height rotating bed; whereas the Free has full height adjustment. If you have a fixed height bed at the moment and have enough upper-body strength to get up form a seated position, then the Home will be sufficient. However, if you need the chair to raise to provide extra support and/or you require nursing on the bed, the Free is more suitable. Both rotating bed models are cleverly designed to look like items of furniture and upholstery colour options mean you can specify a bed that will blend well with existing interiors.

Opera RotoBed Home Rotating Chair Bed

RotoBed® Home

The Home is a fixed-height rotating bed but the turntable and mattress adjustments are still fully electric. A low footboard enhances the appearance of the bed and means an unobstructed sightline out of the end of the bed. The Home in summary:

  • Fixed height (three positions available)
  • Electric back/leg rests and rotating chair
  • Wired and wireless handset options
  • Low footboard design
  • Priced from £5995

View the RotoBed® Home

Opera RotoBed Free Rotating Chair Bed

RotoBed® Free

The Free is a height adjustable rotating bed which is electrically operated by a wired handset control. The mattress back/leg rest and rotation to chair are also all electrically operated through the same handset. The Free in summary:

  • Electrically height adjustable: 32-82cm
  • Electric back/leg rests and rotating chair
  • Head/foot board upholstery options
  • Castors with easy braking
  • Priced from £8995
    View the RotoBed® Free

    3. Configure width, handset, sides and upholstery

    Once you have chosen your model, you can configure the bed. Choose the standard 3ft single width or a wider 3ft6 width if you feel you would benefit form extra room in the bed. Wired handsets are standard but on the Home there is also the option of a smart wireless handset. Standard arm sides are located either side of the seat of the mattress chair and you can also add backrest sides if head support is needed. Opera RotoBed® beds also have upholstered areas with a choice of five fabric colours.

    4. Specify a mattress

    The final option to consider when buying a rotating/turning disability bed for the home is a mattress. Mattresses for rotating chair beds have to be extremely flexible and are usually constructed from impressionable foams that are hinged on the sections that bend. All mattresses for Opera’s rotating beds have a sturdy anchor fastening system on the underside to firmly secure the mattress to the adjustable/rotating platform. There are three options of mattress available, all of wipe-clean water resistant covers:

    a. SafeSleep Mattress

    A layered pressure relieving foam mattress that ensures outstanding comfort whilst helping to prevent bed sores. The mattress is a medium firmness.

    b. BariaSleep Mattress

    Constructed for heavier users and designed for the 3ft6 wide RotoBed® beds, the BariaSleep has a weight capacity of 190kg and is a firm, supportive mattress.

    b. Roho Air Mattress

    An innovative dry flotation air mattress that is designed to prevent and facilitate treatment of pressure ulcers at all four stages.

    4. Add accessories

    Once your bed and mattress set is complete, you can upgrade your Opera RotoBed® to include some useful enhancements. Accessories include:

    • Armside table that rotates with you
    • LED bed lamp for reading
    • Underbed lighting that illuminates when you rotate to exit the bed
    • Pillow and pillowcase with backrest securing straps
    • Jersey fitted sheets

    6. After-purchase considerations

    There are some key after-purchase considerations that you must consider before investing in a rotating chair bed. These include:

    Delivery & Installation

    You will need to ensure that the supplier can deliver and install the bed in your area. Make sure you are confident that your supplier can adequately cover your area and have trained, professional engineers. You will also need to give details about the room size and also be aware that due to the weight and size of rotating beds they cannot always be installed in an upstairs room.

    Opera offers UK-wide delivery and installation with distribution hubs in London, Glasgow, Manchester, Hull, Swindon and Dublin. A network of 40+ installation engineers mean we can install and service equipment quickly and efficiently.

    Rotating Turning Bed Delivery
    Bed Support and Maintenance


    When spending £5,000+ on an item of equipment, you want to be assured of excellent quality and guarantee/warranty coverage. Check with your supplier that you have at least a 2 year parts and labour warranty on the bed. Opera offers full 3 year warranties on all RotoBed® rotating chair beds with extension options available.


    Once you are confident with warranty terms, you next want to be confident that the supplier can actually support that warranty and respond to maintenance requests quickly. Opera has a UK-wide network of 40+ service engineers and can respond to break-down requests with on-site engineers within 1-2 days.

    Battery Back-up

    A final consideration is battery back-up. In the event of a power outage, the last thing you need is a non-functional bed that is stuck in an awkward position or leaves you unable to get out. Opera’s RotoBed® beds all have optional battery back-up that enable you to continue operating the bed in the event of a power outage.

    7. Making the purchase

    When you have made the decision to purchase and have selected and configured a product that matches your requirements, you should be fully confident in the product and supplier. Ensure the supplier offers a robust returns policy or trial period and advice form your occupational therapist or district nurse if you need further confirmation.

    All the best and we hope our guide proved useful. We’d be delighted to help you further and speak with you in person, please do call our advice team on 0333 222 8584 or enquire using the form below.

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