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How to Assemble a Riser Recliner Chair

The assembly process for a riser recliner chair may vary slightly depending on the model of chair you choose, but they will largely have a fairly similar installation process.

In this guide, we’ll be giving you some advice on what to expect when it comes to assembling your riser recliner chair and some tips on how to make sure your chair is safe, supportive and comfortable!

To find out more about how to assemble a riser recliner chair, keep reading! Or, get in touch with the experts at Opera Beds. Our team of industry experts has over 20 years of experience in helping our customers get the support they need with the right furniture for them.

So, let’s get into how to assemble a riser recliner chair!

The Components of Your Recliner Chair

When your riser recliner chair arrives, it will likely come in a few different parts:

  • The chair back
  • The chair base
  • Electronic controls
  • Cushions and cushion covers

The chair back will arrive separately from the chair base and can be easily assembled on arrival.

You’ll also have a control handset, and mains power cables to plug in and power your chair. 

Then, you’ll have the cushions. Usually, the back cushion is separated from the chair back and will have velcro strips or patches to secure it to the chair back. The armrests or armrest cushions may also arrive needing assembly, but in many chairs, they’re built into the base of the chair already.

A wired hand control on the seat of a riser recliner chair

Positioning Your Riser Recliner for Assembly

Choosing the right place for your chair in your home is important to help you get the best out of it!

Some people like to position their chair in a place where it’s easy to see the TV, while others prefer to position themselves by a window. You may want to have it in a bedroom, living room, or kitchen/diner, depending on your lifestyle, who you live with, if you have pets or small children around (to make sure they don’t get underneath the chair) and how often you’ll be using your chair.

You’ll want to make sure wherever you choose has enough space for the chair to fully recline and fully rise to allow you to get proper support at every angle

Another consideration to be aware of when choosing a spot for your new lifting chair is ensuring you have easy access to a mains power outlet. Riser recliner chairs are powered by the mains power, and while extended power cables for recliner chairs are available, these can be a hazard of their own, as cables running across the floor can be a trip risk.

A younger female with brown hair sat in a riser recliner chair holding the wired hand control

Assembling A Riser Recliner Chair

Once you’ve chosen the right position for your chair, it’s time to assemble it! As we’ve mentioned, most recliner chairs will come in 2 main pieces - the base and the backrest.

1- If you’ve chosen a style of recliner chair with castors, feet, or wheels, you should attach these first, before attaching any other components to the chair base.

2- Then it’s time to put the back rest and the chair base together. Almost all chairs will have a similar mechanism to easily join the seat base and backrest. Simply line up the backrest with the chair base (there will be a guide on both parts to make this easier) and then push gently down. You’ll hear a click once it is in place and ready to use safely. You shouldn’t have to press too hard on the seat back to fit the backrest properly - if you’re finding it difficult you may have placed it incorrectly. Just lift the backrest up and try again!

Drawing of chair components

3- Once your backrest is in place, you’ll need to connect your chairs' electronic controls and plug it into the mains, before attaching any other cushions or arm covers. Then your chair is ready to use!

Disassembling your Chair

If you need to disassemble your riser recliner chair, whether that’s for deep cleaning, repairs, maintenance, moving house, selling your chair or anything else, the team at Opera Beds can help.

In our full guide to disassembling a riser recliner chair, we give you step-by-step instructions to safely take a recliner chair apart, making it easy to pack away or put back together when needed! 

How To Use a Riser Recliner Chair

Designed to be as simple as possible while offering maximum support, Using a riser recliner chair couldn’t be easier!

How you use your recliner can vary from person to person, depending on your support needs, but the chair controls are always the same.

To get into the chair, simply sit down as normal, or use the control handset to lift the chair into a rising position. This can then support you as you go down to a normal sitting position.

Using the handset you can also recline your chair to lift your feet and lie back for additional support or a more comfortable position for sleeping in a recliner chair. Riser recliner chairs are not designed to be used for long periods of sleep, but can be used for shorter periods of time. To get back up, move the chair back into a sitting position with the remote (the remote is attached to the chair and can be kept in the side pocket). Don’t ever get up from the chair without putting the footrest back down from its reclined position.

If you need additional support standing, then use the controls to move the chair into its rising position. As it rises, put your feet on the floor and move to a standing position.

Get in Touch with Opera Beds 

Choosing a riser recliner chair is an important decision. At Opera Beds, we have over 20 years of experience helping our customers find the ideal chair for their needs and making sure you’re confident when it comes to your chair assembly. Our expert team can assist you with assembling your chair and guide you through the entire selection process. Get in touch!

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