How To Choose the Right Riser Recliner Chair for Your Needs

How To Choose the Right Riser Recliner Chair for Your Needs

For some people, particularly those who are older or have limited mobility, it can be difficult to get in and out of a regular armchair. To help make life easier, riser recliner chairs (also known as mobility chairs or electric recliners) allow you to adjust your sitting position and give you added support.  

With so many options available, it can be difficult to choose the right riser recliner chair for your needs. In this article, we’ll explore how to choose a riser recliner chair and what to look out for when it comes to buying a riser recliner to help simplify your decision-making.

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Why Choose a Riser Recliner Chair?

A riser recliner chair can take the stress away from everyday tasks such as getting in and out of a chair. As we age, it can become increasingly harder to move around, but riser recliners are a great investment for those looking to regain comfort and independence.

You may wish to consider purchasing a riser recliner chair if any of the following apply to you:

  • It is a struggle to get in and out of a regular armchair.
  • You have a medical condition where it is beneficial to raise your legs for longer periods (like Arthritis, Oedema, or circulation problems).
  • You have limited mobility or a physical disability.
  • You experience chronic pain or discomfort in your back, hips or knees.
  • Your current armchair is not comfortable, and you would benefit from extra support while sitting.

The Benefits of a Riser Recliner Chair 

Riser recliner chairs, also referred to as lift chairs, are specially designed to offer a range of benefits to those who find it a challenge to get up from a seated position. These chairs have a built-in electric motor which assists the user in standing up, making it easier to move around without assistance.

By helping a person to stand up and sit down with ease, riser recliners reduce the pressure on the joints and muscles. This can be particularly beneficial to people living with Arthritis, back pain or other mobility issues.

Another health benefit of riser recliner chairs is they can help to improve circulation and reduce the risk of pressure sore development (which is important for users who spend long periods sitting down). Riser recliner chairs can be adjusted to different positions which allows individuals to distribute their weight more evenly and reduce the risk of developing painful pressure points.

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Enhancing Quality of Life

In addition to these health benefits, riser chairs can also improve the user's overall quality of life. Especially for the elderly, riser recliner chairs give them more independence and reduce their reliance on others, which can help maintain dignity and autonomy.

Overall, riser chairs are a valuable investment for anyone who struggles with mobility issues or discomfort when sitting down or standing up. They offer a range of benefits that can help alleviate pain, improve circulation, and enhance quality of life.

What to Consider when Buying a Riser Recliner?

Unlike a traditional chair, a riser recliner chair offers personalised seating positions and enhanced comfort to suit you. However, it’s important to choose a chair that provides proper support and is the right size for you and your space.

With over 20 years of experience, at Opera Beds, we recognise the right chair can make life easier for you or a loved one. Here are our top considerations to help you choose the right chair:

Single or Dual Motors?

Riser recliner chairs are powered by an in-built motor which allows you to adjust the chair and operate the rise feature. However, the number of motors which determine how much control you have over the chair’s functions.

For example:

  •       Single motor chairs: These riser recliner chairs are equipped with a single motor that facilitates simultaneous lowering of the backrest and raising of the footrest. Single motor riser recliner chairs are an excellent choice for individuals who require a chair for everyday sitting activities but also need the flexibility to recline. These types of chairs are the cheapest option due to their limitations compared to a dual-motor chair.
  •       Dual motor chairs: These types of riser recliner chairs are run by two individual motors. One motor controls the backrest and the other controls the leg rest. These chairs offer greater control and customisation.

Learn more about the differences between single and dual-motor riser recliners in our helpful guide.

A leather riser recliner chair with the back rest reclined

Choosing a Supportive Chair Back

Choosing a supportive chair back is crucial when selecting the right riser recliner chair. A chair with a supportive backrest can provide the necessary support to the spine, neck, and head, reducing the risk of back pain and discomfort.

Additionally, a good backrest can help maintain a healthy posture and improve blood circulation, which is particularly important for people who spend extended periods sitting down. Having a chair that has a comfortable and supportive backrest will ensure you are sitting comfortably for long periods without any discomfort or pain.

At Opera Beds, our collection of riser recliner chairs includes waterfalls, duo-back and button-back styles – all generously filled for cushioning support.

Do You Have Enough Space?

Ensuring you have enough space for your riser recliner chair is essential, if there is not enough room you risk damaging your walls or the chair itself. A riser recliner chair is usually bigger than a regular chair, so you need to allow enough clearance so the chair can fully recline.

Measuring Your Chair to be Perfect for You

Measuring a riser recliner chair is crucial to ensure that it is the perfect fit for you. Choosing the wrong size chair can have many disadvantages. For instance, if the chair is too small, it can cause discomfort and back pain. On the other hand, if it is too large, it can be difficult to get in and out of, which can increase the risk of falls and accidents.

Finding your perfect size is easy with the use of a tape measure. You’ll need to take your measurements for the following:

  •       Seat height
  •       Seat width
  •       Seat depth
  •       Backrest height
  •       Armrest height

Need some help? Check out our easy measuring guide under the resources tab on our riser recliner chairs. If you prefer, our friendly experts can help find the perfect fit via a consultation.

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Choosing a Style and Design that Matches Your Tastes

At Opera Beds, we appreciate that everyone has different styles and design preferences. That’s why our range of riser recliners includes traditional and contemporary designs to suit your space.

From textured wovens to real Italian leathers, our chairs can be tailored to suit your style without compromising on comfort and quality. If you’re unsure which fabric you prefer, why not request a sample to be sent to your home? Contact us today to arrange your fabric samples.  

Get Help on How to Choose a Recliner Chair with Opera Beds

Choosing the right riser recliner chair can be a daunting task, especially if you have mobility issues or limited mobility. To simplify the process, it's essential to consider your specific needs and preferences. When choosing a riser recliner chair, it's important to look for a chair that provides proper support and is the right size for you and your space.

Additionally, you should consider whether you need a single or dual-motor chair, as well as the level of support offered by the chair back. With these considerations in mind, you can make an informed decision and choose the right riser recliner chair to improve your comfort, mobility, and quality of life.

How Opera Beds Can Find Your Perfect Riser Recliner Chair

Our dedicated team is on hand to guide you through the process of finding the right chair for you or a family member. Starting with a no-obligation consultation, our team better understands your situation and preferences.

Your constitution can be by phone, video or in person by visiting our showrooms or requesting a home visit. For added peace of mind, every Opera riser recliner chair comes with a 10-day trial, so you can try your chair in the comfort of your home without the worry if it's unsuitable.

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