Split Adjustable Beds and Their Benefits

Split Adjustable Beds and Their Benefits


Sophie Millard

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Split adjustable beds (also known as dual or twin adjustable beds) are designed for two people and have two adjustable bases/actions and mattresses making up the one bed. This means that each side of the bed can be adjusted independently with two separate remote controls giving each person control over their own back and leg rest adjustment. Ideal for couples!

Twin Adjustable Bed

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Split mattress electric beds are becoming increasingly popular thanks to several sleep and lifestyle benefits. Here are four big benefits...

Personalised Comfort

Having the ability to control your own side of the bed whilst being next to your partner means you can both have it just as you like it. Feel like reading? Up goes the back rest. Aching feet after a long day? Time to elevate those feet. One of you can be upright whilst the other is flat and vice versa. Opera® Adjustable Beds also have memory programming as standard so you can both set your own favourite position for your side of the bed.

Your Own Mattress

You can personalise your comfort even further with your own mattress. If you like it firm and they like it soft, a twin bed lets you have your own mattress. Opera® comfort mattresses are available in different firmness's so the mattresses are exactly the same depth and style but let you have your preferred firmness.

Undisturbed Sleep

We all sleep differently and sometimes sharing a bed can mean we have to compromise on our ideal sleep setup. Not with a split adjustable bed. Your partner can be sleeping while you're reading and you can both set your mattresses to your ideal position for sleep. Anti-snore mode is also a touch of the button - ideal if you have a noisy partner!

No More Motion Transfer

Motion transfer in mattresses is one of the most common causes of sleep disturbance. When your partner gets up in the night from a regular double or king-size mattress, the movement transfers right across the mattress and will disturb your sleep pattern and can even cause you to awake. With split mattresses, the motion transfer only affects one mattress, leaving you or your partner undisturbed and fast asleep.


Split Electric Adjustable Bed

Twin Adjustable Bed FAQs

Now you know the benefits, these are some common questions we get asked about twin electric beds that may have crossed your mind...

Is there a gap down the middle of the bed?

Opera® mattresses are designed to sit tight to each other meaning that whilst there is a seam down the middle of the bed, it is barely noticeable. Side retention on either side of Opera® beds keeps the mattresses from parting, giving you the benefit of split control but the feeling of one mattress.

What do I do about sheets and bedding?

Split King Adjustable Bed

Dual adjustable beds are made up of two mattresses so each mattress needs its own sheet. Split king beds would need two small single (2ft6) sheets and split super king beds would need two single (3ft sheets) View Opera® Jersey Sheets. Duvets can be purchased as standard to cover both mattresses as one giving the appearance of a standard bed when the bed is dressed (pictured right/below is a dressed split king bed).

What sizes can I get a split adjustable bed in?

Opera® Twin Adjustable Beds are available in either 5ft King size or 6ft Super King size. We don't do a 4ft6 Double size because each individual mattress is too small to sleep comfortably but king and super king sizes are ideal.


Hopefully, this guide has helped you understand more about split adjustable beds and their benefits. If you have any more questions or would like to buy one of these beds, do contact our friendly team of advisors.

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