How Zero Gravity Can Help Your Sleep

How Zero Gravity Can Help Your Sleep


Harry Arnett

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The zero gravity sleep position is derived from a technique used by NASA. This technique was intended to keep astronauts comfortable and protect their bodies, in particular the spine, from the significant forces they experience during space travel.

But how does this apply to sleep? Take a look at the benefits of Zero Gravity in your adjustable bed and find out what else we can thank NASA for.


You may only associate The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) with the Mars Rover and Apollo missions, but we have a lot more than that to thank them for. NASA are renowned for inventing things we can also use at home to enhance our lives. In the 1970's NASA created memory foam, that is now used for beds and mattresses. So it's no surprise we thank them for creating the Zero Gravity Position. Initially, studies were carried out on the Skylab, the first space station, to determine which position the human body naturally adopts when it is no longer influenced by pressure, including gravity itself. Since then the Neutral Body Posture or Zero Gravity Position was born.

So, what is the zero gravity sleep position?

Zero Gravity is a neutral position that relieves pressure on the body. This is achieved when the head and legs are elevated to just above the heart level and so the spine is neutrally aligned. 


Is it safe to sleep in Zero Gravity?

The short answer is yes. The zero gravity sleep position reduces the pressure on your body and can help you drift off to deep rejuvenating sleep. This position is designed for sleeping on your back and allowing the bed to adjust to align your spine to a neutral position. Sleeping on your side is not recommended in Zero Gravity Mode, due to the extra pressure it puts on your hips and shoulders.

The benefits of the zero gravity sleep position

Take a look at the benefits you can expect with an Opera® Adjustable Bed in Zero Gravity Mode:

Deep Rejuvenating Sleep

The zero gravity sleep position gives you the ultimate relaxation experience because the body is aligned to its neutral position.

Breathe Better

Raising the head slightly allows the airways to open up and take in more oxygen while you sleep. Many people with respiratory positions can benefit while sleeping in this position.

Improve Your Circulation

Due to the body's neutral alignment, the head and knees are aligned and slightly elevated above the level of your heart. This combined with minimal pressure on the body provides better circulation, leading to a healthier sleep.

Help to Relieve Aches and Pains

With minimal pressure on joints, the zero gravity sleep position can help to relieve every day aches and pains. Often, sleeping in other positions (Side Sleeping) can result in painful hips and shoulders. In Zero Gravity, people suffering with chronic pain can often find relief when the spine is neutrally aligned.

Take a look at Opera’s Adjustable Bed Range

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All of our Adjustable Beds come as standard with head/foot adjustment, Anti-Snore and Zero-Gravity mode. Our range of adjustable beds also come with a 3 Year parts and labour warranty for peace of mind. If you would like to know more, contact one of our experienced advisors today.

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