Opera supports British Home run for neuro-disability

Opera supports British Home run for neuro-disability

We're supporting the remarkable Keith Crowhurst who’s running a whopping 1600 miles within the space of a year for people with neuro-disability. Keith, the director of care at British Home, has already got off to a great start in raising funds and awareness for neuro-disability.

Keith is taking on six races across the UK which began in June this year and aims to hit his target by July 2022. The distance was based around awareness of neuro-disability as one in six people in the UK are affected by a neuro-disability, meanwhile the miles also reflect the British Home which turns 160 this year. Donations and contributions to British Home go towards investments in innovation and technology, both of which help provide high-quality service that improve the lives of those living with neuro-disability. 


Keith Crowhurst British Home Run

What is neuro-disability?

Neuro-disability is a term used to associate conditions which involve damage to the brain and nervous system caused by injury or disease. The brain is the most complex system in the body, and those living with neuro-disability have significant complex physical and phycological difficulties. Living with a neuro-disability may mean individuals cannot communicate easily, have control over their body, move or eat without assistance. Because of a brain injury often a neuro-disability means difficulties with memory as well as issues processing information and retaining it. 

For more information on Keith’s progress and to make a donation visit the British Home just giving page 

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