Caudwell Children: Supporting Disabled Children

Caudwell Children: Supporting Disabled Children

Founded in 2000 by John Caudwell, this leading disabled children’s charity is recognised as the second largest voluntary provider of specialist equipment in the UK and are regulated by the CQC. Providing services and funding for children with over 653 different medical conditions, they do whatever it takes to support families in need.


Parenting workshops are available for those who have children with complex needs such as Autism. Through these workshops families can learn more about how to care for their child and develop skills to understand challenging behaviours. Caudwell Children can also help with Autism assessment, family support and disability equipment funding.


The Caudwell International Children's Centre

Located in Staffordshire, the Caudwell Children’s Centre offer occupational therapy for children to help improve cognitive, physical, and motor skills. Therapy sessions are child-centred and can be accessed through charity funding or self-funding.


Supported Breaks

With two main locations in Cheshire East and Staffordshire, Caudwell Children offer free weekend and family activities for children with special educational needs and disabilities. These sessions and activities encourage young people to have fun and interact with new friends in a welcoming environment.

Sports Equipment Program

Disabled children can now have access to specialist sports equipment through the Caudwell Children’s Sports Equipment Program, in partnership with The Edward Gostling Foundation. Sports such as basketball, football, rugby, tennis and archery can be facilitated to give children equal opportunities and improve their quality of life.


Specialised Equipment

Caudwell Children pride themselves on being the safety net parents need when their children do not meet the criteria for NHS equipment. Therefore, families can apply for help to acquire powered wheelchairs, buggies, car seats and therapy tricycles.


 If you would like to donate you can do so on the JustGiving page or to learn more and access the charity’s services, visit the Caudwell Children website.

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