Situ Live: We're part of the experience

Situ Live: We're part of the experience

We’re thrilled to announce our smart adjustable beds are at the all new Situ Live at Westfield Shopping Centre!

Situ Live Experience Centre

The destination for innovation

Situ Live is a brand new concept designed to make shopping even better. Located in Westfield Shopping Centre, Situ Live is home to the latest products across various theatres where you can see and try them for yourself. 

If you spot something you like shoppers simply scan the QR code, save it to their favourites and buy whenever you want. Known as the 'discovery playhouse' Situ Live inspires the everyday and helps shoppers choose the best products for their lifestyle.

Situ Live Experience Centre at Westfield

Sleep and Wellbeing

Find us in the sleep and wellbeing section of the experience centre where you can try our bed out for yourself. Put you feet up in zero-gravity mode or enjoy a gentle massage whilst taking in the smart surroundings of Situ Live. 

Situ Live Sleep and Wellbeing Area

Live Storytelling

 As part of the new shopping experience, Situ Live have regular story telling which talk about the products in more detail. Here you can enjoy listening out for the features and benefits of the products within the experience. Plus, Situ Live have a dedicated team on hand to answer any questions you have on the products. They also provide product demonstrations and have all the know-how on our smart bed range. 

Situ Live Theatres and Storytelling

You can find more information on Situ Live on their website or discover more about our experience centres and smart beds here

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