With nearly 4 years of dedicated service at Opera Beds, Michelle Winter has firmly established herself as an indispensable member of the team and a font of knowledge for colleagues and customers alike.

Serving as your initial point of contact, Michelle's expertise lies in providing comprehensive advice and conducting thorough consultations to offer you tailored bed recommendations, perfectly aligned with your specific requirements and circumstances.

Michelle’s extensive background in customer care spans over 35 years, and she has consistently held various customer care roles, demonstrating her unwavering dedication to exceptional service. 

In addition to customer care, Michelle has also worked in sales for more than 25 years. This dual expertise, in customer care and sales, has honed her ability to navigate the complex needs and preferences of customers with grace and skill to match everyone with the ideal product for them.

Michelle’s rich history includes undertaking internal management courses with an ongoing dedication to honing her craft and adding to her existing knowledge. 

Michelle Winter's approach to customers is marked by her experience and genuine care. Her guidance encompasses the entire process of selecting a bed for one's home, ensuring that every customer receives the individualised attention and expert advice they deserve. 

Her extensive background in customer care, coupled with her sales experience, has honed her ability to connect with customers and understand their unique needs, making her a trusted advisor at Opera Beds, helping us help you navigate the realm of beds and sleep solutions.

She takes pride in her customer-centric mindset and empathy to connect on a personal level with every case she is presented with, ensuring that each customer's unique circumstances are understood and addressed.

Apart from her wealth of experience, Michelle is known for her unwavering dedication to "going the extra mile" to ensure all customer wants, needs, and desires are met every time, and she receives regular praise with customer reviews from the excellent customer service she provides.


  • More than 35 years dedicated to customer care
  • Navigates the complex needs of customers with grace and skill to matchmake everyone with the ideal product
  • Dedication to "going the extra mile" to ensure all customer wants, needs, and desires are met 

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