Beds for the Elderly - Complete Guide

Beds for the Elderly - Complete Guide

Getting quality sleep is important at any age but even more so when you get older. Your sleep pattern can change and so can your health and mobility over the years. Sleeping in the wrong bed at an older age can result in poor sleep quality and discomfort.

An adjustable bed is a perfect solution for elderly people who suffer from bad sleep from changes in mobility or health-related issues. Adjustable beds provide comfort and support and can help with several other age-related issues. However, it’s important to mention that an adjustable bed is not a hospital or care bed. These types of beds raise and lower to assist in getting on and off the bed, and have specific features to cater to different levels of care.

If you are looking for a bed for your elderly relative or yourself, our friendly team is available to guide you to the best solution.

In this guide, we’ll explain how adjustable beds and profiling beds can help the elderly at home and provide some recommendations and things to consider.

Comfort and support to the elderly

Age-related conditions like arthritis cause joint pain and inflammation which can make sleeping on your back difficult and unpleasant. Unlike a traditional bed, an adjustable bed allows you to electrically adjust your position to get comfortable and be well-supported.

Rather than lying on a flat surface, you can adjust the backrest which alleviates pressure off your spine. This makes it much more comfortable and kinder to your back. Adults aged 50 and older are particularly vulnerable to back pain because of age-related wear of joints and muscle strain.

Elderly woman in bed smiling with a book in her hand and the back of the bed is rasing so she is sitting up

Our range of adjustable beds has a profiling mattress platform, allowing you to find a range of comfortable sleeping and sitting positions. This is ideal for elderly people who spend extended lengths of time in bed.

Our adjustable beds also allow you to save your preferred position using the handset control. The handset is straightforward to use and has illuminating icons. Learn more about our adjustable bed features here

Reduces swelling for older people

Adjustable beds are also beneficial if you experience swelling in the legs or feet. Elderly people often experience numbness or swelling which indicates poor circulation. Adjustable beds have an elevating leg rest to raise the knee, legs, and feet which provides more comfort and improves circulation.

grey adjustable bed with a square headboard in a bedroom with cream carpet and wardrobe

There are many benefits associated with sleeping with your legs elevated, which include relieving pressure,  preventing deep vein thrombosis (DVT), and improving circulation in the lower legs.

Helps keeps the elderly independent

Everyday tasks can become increasingly difficult for the elderly, and even simple things such as getting comfortable in bed can be a struggle. Choosing an adjustable bed means you can sit up or lie down independently and easily at the touch of a button.

Elderly woman in yellow top sat up in bed holding a remote control

Doing so helps boost the mood and morale of older people and it is more convenient than relying on a loved one to support them. Our adjustable beds let you regain your comfort with ease and come with back and leg adjustment as standard to find the perfect position.

Less waking up in the night

Sleep disturbance and tiredness are associated with an increase in urinary incontinence and bladder problems among the elderly. Sleeping in an adjustable bed every night supports the body as it should and allows for deeper sleep. It’s then that the body naturally releases a natural hormone that prevents you from waking up and needing the toilet during the night.

As well as this, adjustable beds are a great solution for elderly couples who share a bed together. Our dual adjustable beds have two individual mattress platforms which are controlled separately. This allows each person to adjust their bed without disturbing their partner.

Older man and woman in bed both reading

Another benefit of an adjustable bed for the elderly is a reduction in snoring. Snoring often gets progressively worse as we get older, and is typically caused by changes in medication, loss of muscle tone, or hormonal changes in women. Many adjustable beds have an anti-snore mode which gently elevates the head to open the airways which reduce snoring. As standard, all our adjustable beds come with anti-snore and are ideal for those who suffer from snoring.

How to get an adjustable bed for the elderly at home

At Opera, we have a wide selection of adjustable beds in a variety of styles and sizes. Our dedicated team offers a complimentary consultation to find out your needs and preferences to guide you to the perfect bed.

Choosing a bed for yourself or a relative can be a difficult decision to make. Our thorough consultation call includes asking you a series of questions about your or your loved one’s needs to best understand which bed is suitable. If you would prefer to see products for yourself we offer a virtual showroom visit. Your video call will be with a dedicated advisor who can answer questions and demonstrate any bed.

Profiling beds for the elderly

Profiling care beds or hospital beds are different from adjustable beds. Elderly people tend to struggle to get off the height of a normal bed, so choosing a profiling bed is an ideal solution. As we get older our bodies can become more fragile and more likely to sustain an injury. A profiling bed helps to create a safe sleeping environment for elderly users and can help maintain their independence. 

Easier to get in and out of bed

Profiling care beds have height adjustment which allows the whole bed to raise and lower. Lowering the bed makes it much easier for elderly people and those with limited mobility to get in and out of bed. Swinging legs into bed can be difficult for older people, but with a profiling bed, you can set the perfect access height.

Elderly man sat on the edge of a care bed holding the rails either side of the bed

Meanwhile, those with at-home carers can make it easier for them to facilitate care with a profiling bed.  Using the height adjustment, the bed can raise up to a nursing waist level which makes it easier to deliver on-bed care. It also takes the strain off the carer’s back from bending over the bed. Our collection of profiling beds has varying height ranges. Our Signature profiling beds have an ‘all-in-one’ height range which allows the beds to raise up to 73.5cm/ waist level and lower down near the floor to 24.5cm.

Supportive and comfortable

Elderly users struggling to get comfortable in their current beds will benefit from the adjustment features of a profiling bed. Elevating the backrest and leg rest allows users to sit up comfortably and provides them with proper postural support. It also enables better positions that reduce pressure and friction – this is particularly useful for elderly users who may spend prolonged periods of time in bed. Profiling beds also have specific features such as the Trendelenburg and Anti-Trendelenburg tilt which helps users with respiratory or circulation problems.

Elderly woman sat upright in a profiling care bed similing and holding a wired hand control

Provide safe sleeping height

Over half of those aged 80 and above experience a fall at least once a year. Elderly people have an increased risk of bed falls, especially if they have a long-term health condition. Even the smallest of falls can cause them an injury. A profiling bed is designed to help prevent bed falls and minimise the risk of injury should a fall happen.

Elderly woman sleeping in a grey profling bed that is close to the floor

Low profiling beds and floor beds provide a safe sleeping height for elderly people. As the name suggests, profiling floor beds lower to almost ground level which provide the ultimate safe sleeping height.

 Our Solo profiling beds have an ultra-low floor height of 11cm which makes them a suitable choice for vulnerable users at risk of bed falls. Another safety feature on a profiling bed is the addition of side rails. Side rails provide added height which helps prevent falls from the bed.

Deciding on a profiling bed at home

Choosing the best bed for your elderly relative or yourself can enhance your quality of life. Profiling beds are a great option if the user has a medical condition or limited mobility, and can make it easier to get in and out of bed. They provide safe sleeping spaces for vulnerable elderly users and can help them remain independent.

Both profiling and adjustable beds provide comfort and proper support and can help keep your independence. If you would like further guidance, our team is happy to help find the best solution. Simply call one of our friendly advisors on 0333 222 8584 to get started.

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