A elderly woman bringing her husband a cup of tea, the gentleman is sat with his feet up in a riser recliner chair

Best Chairs for The Elderly

Spending extended amounts of time sitting down is common when getting older, so the best chairs for the elderly must offer proper support and comfort.  Riser recliner chairs are a practical solution for the elderly as they offer reclining positions, and a rise-and-tilt feature to help get in and out and promote independence.

In this article, we’ll discover the best chairs for the elderly, focusing on riser recliner chairs and their benefits. In doing so, you’ll be able to better understand the key considerations when looking for the best chair for you, or a loved one.

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How the Right Chair for the Elderly Enhances Quality of Life

An elderly person’s daily routine can become challenging, for instance when getting up from their current armchair. This could be due to their limited mobility or changes in their health which can make them uncomfortable and struggle with simple tasks.

Investing in the right chair can make a significant difference to an elderly person. For instance, it can help prevent discomfort and pain, which can be a common issue for the elderly. Additionally, the right chair can promote better circulation, which is important for maintaining overall health and well-being.

Furthermore, having a chair that meets the specific needs of the elderly, such as a riser recliner chair, can promote independence and make daily tasks easier to manage.

Types of Chairs for the Elderly 

There are different options available when it comes to the types of chairs for the elderly. The two main types are:

Riser Recliner Chairs – Designed for comfort and convenience for those who are semi-mobile. Riser recliners have an elevating back and leg rest section, as well as a tilt feature to assist in getting up and out of the chair. These types of chairs come in various styles and designs to complement the home and surrounding furniture.  

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A cream coloured leather riser recliner chair in a bedroom with an adjustable bed with wooden legs

Therapeutic Care Chairs – Specially designed to support those with more advanced needs and restricted mobility. They provide support and comfort to the elderly, including those who may be undergoing therapy. Therapeutic care chairs are usually more clinical-looking and made with wipe-clean materials.

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Key Features to Look for in Chairs for the Elderly

When it comes to selecting the best chair for the elderly, there are several key features to consider. These features include health considerations, lift chairs for mobility and independence, comfortable chairs for seniors, durable and stable chairs for peace of mind, and the therapeutic benefits of recliner chairs for seniors.

By understanding these features, you can make an informed decision about the type of chair that best suits you or your loved one’s needs.

Let's explore each of these key features in more detail.

Health Considerations for the Wellbeing of the Elderly 

When assessing the best chairs for the elderly, it’s important to consider their health and well-being. Elderly people are more likely to have mobility limitations which can be associated with the following:

  • increases in falls
  • disabilities 
  • health conditions
  • hospitalisation

Limited mobility can also impact an elderly person’s well-being too, for example decreasing their quality of life, mental health and declining function. These factors can make it difficult for an elderly person to get in and out of chairs, maintain proper posture and prevent discomfort and pain. 

Investing in the right chair can help to prevent these issues and promote better circulation, which is important for maintaining overall health and well-being.

A older couple sat on a park bench smiling

Lift Chairs for Independence and Mobility

Lift chairs, more commonly known as  riser recliner chairs are a perfect choice for the elderly. Unlike a traditional chair, a riser recliner is designed to support those who struggle to get in and out by having a lift and tilt feature.

The chair gently raises up and tilts to position the body upright to help you achieve a near standing position. In doing so, it makes those with limited mobility, or poor balance regain their independence and confidence when getting in and out of the chair. Furthermore, the lift feature of a riser recliner chair also helps to prevent falls, giving users and their families peace of mind. Not only do these chairs offer a practical solution, but they can also help improve well-being and dignity for elderly users who may have previously relied on others to help them get in/out of a chair.

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Supporting Posture with Comfortable Chairs for Seniors

Ensuring good posture is important for us all, but especially for elderly people. One reason why is it can help reduce the risk of falls and injuries by improving balance and stability.

Elderly people are more susceptible to falls due to their weakened muscles and bones, so it’s important to ensure good posture wherever possible. Riser recliner chairs are a great solution to help provide proper posture.

When sitting in a regular chair, your back takes most of the weight, forcing you to sit up straight. However, riser recliner chairs allow you to sit in a comfortable position where the spine is relaxed and help reduce pressure throughout the body. Riser recliners encourage better posture, provide excellent support for the back, neck and legs and keep elderly users comfortable for longer.

Durable and Stable Chairs for Peace of Mind

As mentioned previously, those who are elderly are likely to spend longer periods of time sitting down. Therefore, it’s important to consider durability and stability when choosing the best chair. Riser recliner chairs are an excellent option for the elderly because they are designed for long-lasting comfort and support.  

At Opera Beds, our collection of riser recliners is constructed with high-quality materials and is built to last, making them a great investment for seniors who need a reliable and long-lasting chair.

The stability of a riser recliner is particularly important for the elderly who may be at risk of falls or accidents. Their sturdy construction gives both the elderly and their families peace of mind, knowing that they are sitting on a safe and secure piece of furniture.

Additionally, the stability of the chair also helps to prevent any unnecessary strain or stress on the body, providing added comfort and support for the elderly.

The Therapeutic Benefits of Recliner Chairs for Seniors

There are many health benefits of a riser recliner chair, which makes them a great solution for the elderly. As their name suggests, a riser recliner chair offers reclining comfort which lets you lay back and put your feet up.

The elevating leg rest is a great way to take the pressure off the legs and feet, which can be beneficial for the elderly. Meanwhile, riser recliners also help to improve blood flow and circulation.

The range of adjustments from a riser recliner allow elderly individuals to find their perfect position to suit their needs. Offering more flexibility, comfort and support in comparison to a regular armchair.

A grey riser recliner chair with the leg rest raised

Tailoring the Chair to Your Taste or Space

Functionality and comfort are key considerations when it comes to finding the best chair for you or your elderly loved one. However, both size and style are additional factors that shouldn’t be overlooked. It’s crucial the size is suitable for the space in your home and meets the needs of the person using it.

Having a chair that fits properly can provide better support to the body, which can help reduce discomfort and pain. Secondly, a chair that is too small or too big can make it difficult for an elderly person to get in and out of the chair, which can increase the risk of falls or other accidents.

At Opera Beds, our range of riser recliner chairs are available in three sizes (Petite, Standard and Grande) so you can find the right size for you.

When taking your measurements, ensure you leave a 2 inch or 2 finger gap between the edge of the seat and on the back of your knee. 

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Our range of chairs are available in either single or dual motor, so you can choose the best chair to suit your needs and budget. Lean more about the differences between single and dual-motor chairs in our helpful guide.

Fabric and Material Choices for Comfort and Practicality

As well as the features and benefits of a riser recliner chair for the elderly, it’s also important to consider fabrics for comfort and practicality.

Fabrics that are soft and breathable can make a big difference in the comfort of the user, while materials that are easy to clean and maintain can make the chair more practical and suitable for long-term use.

For example, choosing a fabric that is stain-resistant can help prevent spills and other accidents from damaging the chair. Similarly, materials that are durable and able to withstand heavy use can ensure that the chair lasts for many years, even with frequent use.

At Opera Beds, we have a wide range of fabrics, including two real-Italian leathers for our riser recliner chairs. This allows you to choose the perfect choice of chair that’s visually appealing and practical. Get inspired and see the full Opera riser recliner range here. 

A close up of the armrest of a moss green woven riser recliner chair

How a Riser Recliner Chair Can Change Lives

Choosing the right chair for you, or your elderly loved one can truly make a difference in life. From proper comfort and support to regaining independence, a riser recliner is a great investment to all.

With its elevating back and leg rest section, and a tilt feature to assist in getting up and out of the chair, the riser recliner chair can promote independence and make daily tasks easier to manage. For an elderly person, this can mean less reliance on carers or loved ones, more freedom to move around, and a greater sense of control over their daily routine.

They can also help reduce pain and discomfort which can be common amongst the elderly. This can greatly improve their quality of life and well-being.

Helping You Empower Loved ones with the Right Riser Recliner

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