The Top Features to Look for in an Adjustable Bed

The Top Features to Look for in an Adjustable Bed

When it comes to finding a better sleep solution, adjustable bed features can significantly improve your comfort and quality of life. Unlike a regular flat bed, adjustable beds offer a wide range of customised positions and have specially designed features for enhanced comfort and proper support.

When you are finding the right adjustable bed for you, it’s essential to know which features are the most important for your needs. In this article, we’ll uncover the top features of an adjustable bed. Whether you suffer with a sleep condition like sleep apnoea, or have health problems which makes it difficult to get comfortable, adjustable beds offer a wealth of health benefits

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The Top Features of Adjustable Beds

Depending on your exact needs and preferences, an adjustable bed can make all the difference to better quality of sleep and overall well-being. Meanwhile, their ability to provide a range of positions can encourage independence and even reduce symptoms and help alleviate pain. 

Customisable Positions

If you or a loved one struggle to get comfortable, an adjustable bed makes it much easier. This is because they have an adjustable mattress platform, which provides you with more positions compared to a standard bed.

The back and leg rest adjustment features are a great way to find the perfect position to suit your comfort and needs. By raising the backrest section, adjustable beds provide proper postural support. This feature alone is ideal if you suffer with lower back pain or arthritis by alleviating pressure on the spine. 

a man with lower back pain

Another key feature of an adjustable bed is the elevating leg-rest. Sleeping with your legs elevated can reduce swelling in the legs and feet, making it much more comfortable for those with poor circulation or oedema. The customisation provided with an adjustable bed allows you to perfectly position yourself for reading, watching tv or alleviating issues that make it difficult to sleep.

Anti-Snore Feature

Over 40% of UK adults snore and it can severely impact quality of sleep. Snoring makes it difficult to enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep and can be potentially serious is linked to sleep conditions like sleep apnoea.

a lady not sleeping properly

If you snore regularly or share a bed with someone who does, you may wish to consider an adjustable bed with an anti-snore feature. By raising the upper body slightly, the anti-snore feature helps open the airway, reducing or even eliminating snoring in some cases.

In doing so, it leads to a range of benefits which include:

  • Offering snoring relief and health benefits
  • Enhanced quality of sleep
  • Creates a better sleep environment and healthier relationship
  • Convenience by allowing quick and easy relief

At Opera Beds, our collection of adjustable beds features anti-snore as standard. With over 20 years of experience, our talented team can help find the best solution. If you’d like to be guided to the perfect bed, contact us today to get started.

Enhanced Comfort Features

As mentioned previously, adjustable beds provide a variety of positions by being electrically adjustable. However, adjustable beds with a zero-gravity feature take comfort to another level.

an man in space

Zero-gravity is a pre-set position that simulates the feeling of weightlessness. It does this by placing the head and legs elevated to just above the heart level, creating an s-shape where the spine is neutrally aligned.

This advanced feature on an adjustable bed is an effective way to help alleviate aches and pains. Particularly if you have any of the following:

  • Chronic Pain: conditions such as back pain, sciatica, fibromyalgia, or arthritis can benefit from the zero-gravity position, as it reduces pressure on pain-prone areas and provides relief.
  • Sleep Apnoea or Snoring Issues: the elevation of the upper body can help alleviate snoring and sleep apnoea symptoms
  • Poor Circulation: if you have circulation problems or conditions that cause leg swelling can experience improved blood flow and reduced discomfort in the zero-gravity position.
  • Seeking Enhanced Comfort and Relaxation: even if you do not have a specific medical concern, you can enjoy the enhanced comfort and relaxation that the zero-gravity feature provides.

In-built Massage Feature

Many modern adjustable beds have a massage feature, offering targeted relief for sore muscles and stress reduction. This feature usually offers various intensity levels which allows you to customise the experience to suit your comfort.

a man in bed with massage feature on comfortable

If you have muscle tension or experience inflammation on your joints, choosing an adjustable bed with a massage feature can help relieve inflammation and ease swelling. It’s also a great way to relax and restore after a long day. 

All Opera adjustable beds can be upgraded to our plus base which includes a massage feature.

Wireless Remote Control

Convenience is key when it comes to adjustable beds. A wireless remote control allows you to effortlessly adjust your bed's position with the touch of a button. Look for models with user-friendly remotes that include presents for common positions and programmable memory settings. This feature ensures that you can find your preferred position quickly and easily, enhancing your overall sleep experience. Meanwhile, wireless controls with back-lit buttons make it easier to use in the dark by clearly displaying the bed’s features.

a man using the wireless control

At Opera Beds, we understand the importance of being user-friendly. That’s why all our products are stringently tried and tested and come with an easy-to-use control.

Matching you with your perfect bed for total sleep satisfaction is ingrained in who we are and why we’re rated excellent on Trustpilot - the results speak for themselves!

Under-Bed Lighting

Although it may not seem like it, an underbed light is a subtle yet highly practical feature that helps you move around safely in the dark. Navigating your bedroom at night can be a challenge, especially if you don’t want to disturb your loved one.

a bed with the underbed lights on

Opting for an adjustable bed with an under-bed light feature is a great addition should you need to get up in the night. Further advantages of this feature include:

  • Convenience: Under-bed lights are typically controlled through a wireless remote. This means you can easily turn the light on or off from the comfort of your bed without having to move in the dark or get out of bed.
  • Accessibility: This feature is beneficial for individuals with mobility issues or those who rely on assistive devices. The gentle illumination can make it easier to move around the bedroom safely.
  • Nighttime reading: If you enjoy reading before sleep, under-bed lights can provide sufficient illumination for reading without disturbing your partner.
  • Enhanced Bedroom Aesthetics: Beyond functionality, under-bed lights can also add a touch of sophistication to your bedroom. They create an ambient and visually appealing atmosphere, enhancing the overall aesthetics of your sleeping space.

Smooth, Quiet Operation

A good quality adjustable bed shouldn’t disrupt your sleep from loud motors and clunky movements. When looking for features, look for an adjustable bed with quiet, smooth operation which will ensure a peaceful night’s sleep.

Typically, adjustable beds with a solid base are a better option than a slatted adjustable base. They offer more stability and ensure a better foundation for your mattress.  At Opera Beds, our adjustable beds are designed to maximise comfort without disturbing you. That’s why we only use high quality materials and ensure quiet motors for the ultimate sleep experience.

a man sleeping in an adjustable bed


Adjustable bed features play a significant role when choosing the perfect one for you. They can make a significant difference in your comfort and overall quality of sleep. It’s important to take the time to understand which features are a priority and asses your needs and preferences. With the right adjustable bed, you can enjoy enhanced comfort, support and improved well-being. 

How Opera Can Help You Find the Best Adjustable Bed

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We offer a choice of how you’d like to get started, you can have your consultation by phone, video or even in person. If you’d prefer to look at suitable options online, why not try our bed selector tool for instant results.

For further advice and support, contact the Opera team who are happy to help.

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