Choosing the Right Adjustable Bed for You

Choosing the Right Adjustable Bed for You


Michelle Winter

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Choosing the best adjustable bed to suit your needs and lifestyle is essential, but with so many options out there, it can be an overwhelming experience. We’ve rounded up a list of the best adjustable beds that suit specific needs, styles and preferences.

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Best adjustable bed on a budget

“A good night’s sleep is important to me.” 
Even if you’re on a smaller budget, you can still enjoy the comfort and style of an Opera adjustable bed.

Our range of Motion Adjustable Smart Bases vary in features and sizes, this gives plenty of options to suit different budgets and preferences. The Opera® Motion Adjustable Smart Base is perfect for lower end budgets but still high in its features. The Motion has back and leg adjustment, anti-snore technology and more – all controlled through a stylish backlit wireless remote. Find out more about the Opera® Motion Adjustable Smart Base.

Like all our beds, there are customisation options to suit your home style, plus the ability to adjust the firmness of the bed to your preference. No matter your budget, comfort, support and design is never compromised at Opera.

No matter what size your budget is, our generous warranty terms give you peace of mind you’re covered should you ever need us. As standard, we provide a full 5-year parts and labour warranty across all our adjustable smart beds and bases. 

Adjustable Bed Handset

Best adjustable bed with dual control

"My partner and I both sleep differently"

Are you sharing your electric bed with a partner?

All our adjustable beds come in different widths designed for single persons or two people.

Our Opera® Borg Smart Adjustable Bed with our MotionPlus smart base is a ideal choice for couples who can’t quite agree on their perfect sleep position. With a stylish design couples can sleep in style and get customisable comfort at the touch of a button. After all, your sleep posture is unique to you!

With the Borg in our dual sizes (5ft and 6ft), you get two handsets and two separate mattress platforms, allowing you both to choose and save the most relaxing and comfortable position for you.

To enhance your sleep experience even more, our smart beds are cleverly designed with anti-snore technology, a neck tilting platform that cleverly opens up the airways and reduces snoring.

As you can probably imagine, this is a well-loved feature for many of our customers.

Discover our Adjustable Comfort Bed Range for two people


As our dual adjustable beds have individual mattress platforms, this means you can both choose which mattress is most comfortable and suited to you.
Some people prefer a soft mattress and whereas others prefer a firmer one.
Both memory foam and gel-infused foam mattresses are a popular choice for adjustable beds.

Everyone is different and that’s why its important to explore the different options and choose which is best for your comfort. For those who prefer a soft mattress, our 4000 Pocket Sprung Adjustable Mattress is the perfect addition to one of our adjustable beds.

Firmer mattress options are also available, as is the option of cooling technology if you find sweating during the night is becoming an issue. Our premium Gel and Premium hybrid mattresses both contain cooling-gel properties which regulates temperature for user comfort. Our range of mattresses are designed to provide excellent postural support and comfort.

Take a look at Opera’s Adjustable Comfort Mattress Range


Best adjustable bed with under bed lighting

"I love to wind down before bedtime with a good book or film." If you love a night-time ritual, whether it's diving into a good book, watching your favourite programme, or applying your favourite skincare products, an adjustable bed with calming under bed lighting is excellent for setting the mood.

Our Opera MotionLuxe Adjustable Smart Base features an under bed light on the base of the frame. The light is designed to give the perfect amount for when you are watching tv in bed or reading. The light can be activated via the wireless handset or by our Opera® SLEEPSMART™ App. Get ready for bed all from your smartphone!




Find out more about our adjustable beds with under bed lighting


Opera adjustable bed with under bed light

Best stylish adjustable bed. 


“I want my bedroom to look stylish and homely.”  Every Opera adjustable bed is designed by British designers to feel homely, inviting and modern. You can choose from a stunning selection of headboards, fabrics, feet and sizes and inject your personal style into the design. Our range of adjustable smart beds offer wide selection of luxurious headboard styles and surrounds to suit any bedroom interior. Meanwhile, our bespoke design service allows you to create a bed that’s completely designed by you and made by us. Choose from our extensive selection of fabrics and customise your bed just how you like it. The

Opera® Romeo Adjustable Smart Bed, featuring a stylish and contemporary design is set to compliment any bedroom. Like all of our beds, the Romeo is made with premium upholstery by our highly skilled craftspeople using only the finest materials.


Find out more about our stylish and modern electrical adjustable beds.

Adjustable smart bed

More than just a bed


"I want a bed that will better my sleep and more." When it comes to features, our range of adjustable smart beds not only look stylish abut use intelligent design and technology to give you the ultimate comfort sleep experience. Our
MotionLuxe™ Smart Base
has a built in SLEEPWAVE™ feature, which gently massages your back, legs and feet in bed – bliss. 
All our adjustable beds are controlled by a wireless backlit remote with illuminating icons, designed for ease of use so you can’t get comfortable in no time at all. Our adjustable smart beds are designed not just for sleeping, but to provide the ultimate experience in comfort and luxury. So much so that you can even use your smartphone to control your bed with our SLEEPSMART™ App. Or if you prefer, use your voice to control your bed with our MotionLuxe™ smart base that’s compatible with Alexa.
At Opera we believe that investing in the right bed not only gives you the best sleep but can make improvements to your health and wellbeing. There are lots of benefits to your health by choosing an adjustable bed. For example, snoring can be controlled by inclining the head of the mattress to open your airway. Simply elevating your head can also help with digestion and ultimately reduce weight gain.
Chronic pain affects millions of people, but an adjustable bed eases the pressure on your joint and spine relieving pain throughout the night. Lying flat on a mattress can make it harder for the body to pump blood around the body. Adjusting the bed frame can help increase circulation and reduce pressure.

Stratton Adjustable Smart Bed

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