Finding the Right Adjustable Bed: Tips for Choosing the Best One for You

Finding the Right Adjustable Bed: Tips for Choosing the Best One for You

When it comes to finding the right adjustable bed, achieving the ultimate balance, comfort and tailored support can make all the difference in your sleep experience. However, choosing the best adjustable bed to suit your needs and lifestyle can be an overwhelming experience, as there are so many options out there. 

At Opera, we’re recognised as leaders within the field of adjustable beds, finding the right solutions for our customers for over 20 years.

In this article we’ve listed our top tips and factors to consider when choosing an adjustable bed. By the end, you’ll have a better understanding on adjustable beds and how to find the best one for your needs and preferences.

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Why choose an adjustable bed?

Adjustable beds are not like regular beds. Flat beds do not provide the same level of support and undeniable comfort when compared to an adjustable bed.

a man sat up in an adjustable bed

An adjustable bed offers a range of benefits that can make it an appealing choice for various individuals. Firstly, if you struggle with certain health conditions like chronic pain, acid reflux or snoring, an adjustable bed can provide targeted relief and improved sleep quality by allowing you to elevate specific parts of your body.

Meanwhile, adjustable beds provide plenty of customisable positions which let you find the most comfortable and supportive angle when in bed. This makes them perfect for things such as:

  •       Reading
  •       Working
  •       Watching TV

Before choosing the best adjustable bed for you, it’s important to assess your specific needs, budget and personal preferences to ensure your chosen bed aligns with your unique requirements.


Adjustable beds for health conditions

If you have a health condition that impacts your sleep, investing in the best adjustable bed can be the answer to achieving better quality of sleep. Adjustable beds can be beneficial to various types of medical conditions including:

  •       Chronic pain - Those who suffer from chronic pain can benefit from targeted elevation of specific body regions to alleviate discomfort and promote restful sleep.
  •       Acid reflux or snoring –Adjustable beds can provide relief by enabling gentle inclinations, reducing symptoms and enhancing breathing patterns.
  •       Circulation problems or swelling - Adjustable beds allow you to sleep in an elevated position which can help increase blood flow and ease tension for enhanced comfort.
  •       Respiratory conditions – Adjustable beds can elevate the upper body, to enhance breathing and reduce the frequency of apnoea episodes, resulting in a more restful and uninterrupted sleep.

Adjustable beds offer a multitude of benefits for individuals with various health conditions, making them an excellent choice for promoting overall well-being.

an elderly lady happy

Now we can begin to look at the different factors that are worth considering before choosing the best adjustable bed, such as their features, design and price.  


Features of adjustable beds

Typically, adjustable beds have an elevating back and leg rest to find a range of positions you find comfortable.

a man in bed with his legs and backrest raised

Depending on your needs and preferences, you may find specific features more beneficial for you rather than just the standard back/leg rest adjustments.

All Opera adjustable beds come with our standard features designed for ultimate comfort and proper support. These are:

  •       Back rest adjustment – Sit up properly without needing to pillow prop
  •       Leg rest adjustment  - Elevate your legs and feet easily
  •       Zero-gravity position – Experience weightlessness for pressure free sleep
  •       Anti-snore mode – Ideal for light sleepers
  •       Memory programming – Saves your favourite positions
  •       Wireless control – Sleek and easy to use

Feature upgrade

Should you wish to enjoy more features, all of our adjustable beds can be upgraded to our plus technology base. This includes:

  •       All standard features
  •       GlideBack Auto Regression - The bed back rest travels back when raised to alleviate stomach compression for extra room in bed.
  •       Additional Pillow Tilt - An additional motor is added to the neck section for extra adjustment and a fully upright position.
  •       Massage – Choose the pulse, intensity and duration to relax and unwind.
  •       Underbed Light - Soft, warm lighting that illuminates the floor around the bed. Perfect for navigating through your bedroom in the dark.

With over 900 reviews on TrustPilot, we’re proud to be rated as ‘Excellent’ by our customers. Contact us today to start your journey to finding the best adjustable bed for you.


Budget friendly adjustable beds

Cost is often an important factor to consider before making any purchase, including when you’re looking for an adjustable bed.

Adjustable beds vary in price, with basic and simple designed models starting from around £600. In most cases, cheaper adjustable beds are built from lower quality materials and come with short warranties. Before choosing the right adjustable bed, be sure to look at the warranty, customer reviews and maximum weight capacity.

Our collection of adjustable beds includes cost-effective options and luxury adjustable beds - no matter your budget, comfort, support and design is never compromised at Opera.

Motion Adjustable Bed

The Motion adjustable bed is a great cost-effective option. Despite its minimal appearance, the Motion comes with all the features you need for a great night’s sleep and proper support.

a motion bed in a bedroom

Robust and built to last, the Motion has a metal frame and can carry up to 220kg depending on the size of bed.  As standard the Motion comes with a 3 year warranty.


Stylish adjustable beds

While functionality and comfort are crucial factors to consider when selecting an adjustable bed, it's equally important to pay attention to the bed's style and aesthetics.

Choosing a bed that complements your existing decor and personal style can contribute to a cohesive and visually appealing space.

We advise considering the design elements of the adjustable bed, such as the frame material, colour options and overall aesthetic. Opt for a style that aligns with your preferences, whether it's sleek and modern, classic and traditional or somewhere in between.

At Opera, we have a range of different styles to suit you:

  • Classic: Adjustable beds in a timeless design, like the popular Eden adjustable bed or The Yorke
  •  Modern: If you prefer a more modern style, discover our Borg adjustable bed with stylish chrome legs.
  •  Grand: Make a statement with an adjustable bed like The Kensington for the ultimate sleeping experience

a Kensington bed in a bedroom looking very grand

Finding the perfect blend of functionality, comfort and style will ensure that your adjustable bed becomes not only a practical choice, but also a visually satisfying one. See our full range of adjustable beds here.


Adjustable bed sizes

Another factor to consider when choosing the best adjustable bed for you is the size you need. The size of the bed directly impacts its functionality, comfort and compatibility with your bedroom space.

an elderly lady and her daughter measuring the bed to make sure it will fit in her bedroom

Here are a few reasons why size is important when looking for an adjustable bed:

  • Comfort and Sleep Quality: The size of the adjustable bed should align with your personal sleeping preferences and requirements. If you tend to move around during sleep or share the bed with a partner, opting for a larger size like a small double (4ft) or king (5ft) provides more room than a standard single size.
  • Compatibility with Mattresses: Adjustable beds typically require specific mattress sizes that are compatible with their adjustable mechanisms. It is essential to choose a size that corresponds with the bed's specifications to ensure proper functioning and maximise your comfort. 
  • Bedroom Space: Consider the dimensions of your bedroom when selecting the size of the adjustable bed. It should fit seamlessly into the available space without overpowering the room or hindering mobility. Measure your bedroom and consider other furniture arrangements to determine the appropriate size that maintains a balanced and functional layout.
  • Accessibility and Ease of Use: A larger adjustable bed may provide more room for adjustments and positions, allowing you to find the most comfortable settings. It also facilitates ease of access, especially for individuals with mobility challenges, as they have more space to manoeuvre in and out of bed. 
  • Long-Term Investment: Adjustable beds are often considered a long-term investment. By choosing the right size initially, you can avoid the hassle and cost of replacing or modifying the bed later to accommodate changing needs or preferences.

If you have questions about our adjustable bed size or need some help, get in touch with our team who can help.


Adjustable beds for couples

As well as offering a wide selection of adjustable beds in single sizes, dual adjustable beds are specially designed for two people. Our dual beds have a split configuration, meaning there are two individual mattress platforms. Each side can be controlled separately – perfect for couples with different sleeping positions and mattress preferences.

Discover our Adjustable Comfort Bed Range for two people


Additional tips for choosing the best adjustable bed

  •       Delivery time: If you need an adjustable bed quickly, it’s worth knowing the lead times before your purchase. We provide next-day delivery across a wide selection of adjustable beds.
  •       Set up: Depending on the type of adjustable bed you choose, you may wish to use professional setup options to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience when receiving and installing the bed. We provide a home-installation service for any of our beds, carried out by our Opera engineers.
  •       Mattress Compatibility: Ensure the adjustable bed is compatible with your preferred mattress type and size. Some beds may require specific mattress types or may offer recommendations for optimal comfort and support. All Opera adjustable beds are compatible with any of our mattresses across our comfort mattress and pressure care range.


Take a look at Opera’s Adjustable Comfort Mattress Range



Choosing the right adjustable bed for your needs includes considering several factors such as your preferred features, budget, style and size.

By carefully examining these factors, you can select an adjustable bed that aligns with your preferences, promotes optimal comfort and support and enhances your overall sleep experience.

If you’d like us to guide you through finding the best adjustable bed, our team will be happy to help. Get started with a consultation call with an adjustable bed expert and get tailored solutions.

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