Here at Opera, we like to make sure you purchase with peace of mind. So all of our beds and mattresses come with a warranty as standard. The length of warranty is dependant on the bed or mattress you have purchased. We also have a lot of other products such as mattress pumps and riser recliner chairs that are covered by a standard warranty.

Read more about the length of your warranty and what it covers.

Extended warranties

Should you wish to extend your warranty you can do so by purchasing a 1 or 2 year extended warranty at the time of purchase or if your current warranty is due to expire.

What if my warranty has already expired?

If you wish to purchase an extended warranty after your current warranty has already expired, please be aware the extended warranty will automatically take off the amount of time from expiry to the date of purchase of the new extended warranty. Once your warranty has been expired for 1 year or more, you can no longer purchase an extended warranty.

For example: June bought a profiling bed from us in 2016. Her warranty ended 22.01.21, but she wants to purchase a new warranty on it. She decides to buy a two year extended warranty on 22.01.22. That means June's warranty would only cover her for one more year and will expire 22.01.23, due to there being a year that her bed was out of warranty.

For any further information on warranties, please feel free to contact one our experienced advisors.