Older woman with blonde hair, using the remote in an Opera profiling bed.
Older woman with blonde hair, using the remote in an Opera profiling bed.
Older woman with blonde hair, using the remote in an Opera profiling bed.


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At Opera, we want to make sure you purchase with peace of mind. That’s why all our beds and mattresses come with a warranty as standard. All our profiling and adjustable beds are covered by a 3-year warranty which includes 3 years parts and 1-year labour cover.

We also provide warranties as standard across our riser recliner chairs and mattress pumps. You can find out more information on warranties for our products by checking the specifications tab at the bottom of every product page on our website. Alternatively, our team is available to help on 0333 222 8584.

What Does My Warranty Include?

When you purchase a profiling bed or adjustable bed from Opera you will receive a 3 year warranty as standard. This is made up of the following:

X3 year parts warranty – should your bed need a replacement part the cost of this is covered.

X1 Labour warranty – If you need an engineer to come and repair your Opera bed or fix a replacement part, this cost is covered under warranty for 1 year.  

Opera Pressure Care Mattress Pumps:  If you have purchased an air-pump from us for a pressure care mattress, the pump itself is covered by a two-year parts and 1 year labour warranty.

Upgrade Cover & Service Plan

We offer two upgrade plans if you would like to buy additional cover for your Opera bed. This can be purchased at the point of ordering either online or over the phone with an Opera advisor. Our upgrade plans include additional parts and labour warranty, plus servicing by our dedicated Opera engineers.

What Does the Service Include?

Our Silver and Gold cover plans include our home visit engineer service. When your bed service is due, we will contact you to arrange a suitable date. Our dedicated Opera engineers will then visit your home and perform a full bed health check which includes servicing of parts, motor grease where necessary, and ensuring your bed is functioning properly.

Service plans are recommended by occupational therapists (OT’s) and home-care providers as they ensure peace of mind your bed is maintained and in good working order.

What if My Warrranty Has Expired?

If you wish to purchase a cover plan after your current warranty has already expired, please be aware the cover plan will automatically take off the amount of time from expiry to the date of purchase of the new extended warranty.

Once your warranty has expired for 1 year or more, you can no longer purchase a cover plan.

Example: Sandra bought a profiling bed from Opera in 2020. Her standard warranty ended on 22.01.2023, but she wants to purchase a cover plan for her profiling bed. She decides to buy our gold cover on 21.01.2024. That means that Sandra's cover will now expire on 22.01.2025, due to her buying the gold cover after her bed was a year out of warranty.

We advise choosing extra cover at the point of order, or within 1 year of having your Opera bed. If you would like further advice about our upgrade and service plans speak with our team who can assist you.

Do I need Extra Cover?

At Opera, we use high-quality materials for our beds and mattresses for durability and long-lasting comfort. When you purchase from us you can enjoy peace of mind you are covered with a warranty as standard. However, should you wish to, our upgrade cover gives you added peace of mind should you ever need us in the future.  

What Does the Free Callout Cover Include?

Our callout cover gives you peace of mind in the unlikely event your Opera bed or mattress stops working. We will arrange for a dedicated and highly trained engineer to visit your property to assess the issue and fix it at no added cost.

This also includes our troubleshooting service with our in-house product support team who can help over the phone if required.

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