Adjustable Bed Buying Guide

Buying Guide: Opera® Adjustable Beds

In this guide we’ll cover all things around our range of adjustable beds. By the end of this guide, you should be clear on the concepts behind smart beds and help the decision-making process a little easier…

What is an adjustable bed?



Unlike profiling beds, adjustable smart beds aren’t height adjustable and don’t feature side rails. Our adjustable beds are designed with the utmost comfort and really enhance sleep experience.

With unique features using advanced technology, our adjustable smarts take your sleep to the next level:

Deep, rejuvenating sleep

Adjust your positions for ultimate comfort and enjoy a great night sleep every night.

Be kind to your back

In-bed positions which give postural support so no need to prop with pillows

Undisturbed sleep

Anti-snore technology so you can peacefully enjoy every moment of sleep

Watch and read in comfort

Get comfy quick by choosing from various in-bed seating positions

Sleep in style

Have your bed your way with plenty of styles to suit any bedroom interior

Smart technology

Upgrade your sleep experience with the power of technology


Standard adjustments


The backrest is the upper section of the smart bed base, at the head end of the bed. The backrest can be adjusted to sit the user up in bed, meaning there is no need to use pillows to support your back and prop yourself up. The backrest is electrically raised with the backlit wireless remote, this feature is designed for comfort when sitting upright in bed whilst reading and watching tv. It can also be used to reach a more comfortable sleeping position and has proven health benefits.

Leg rest  

The leg rest is the lower section of the smart bed base, at the foot end of the bed. The leg rest can be adjusted through a backlit wireless remote and is able to elevate the feet above the rest of the body. When fully raised, the thigh section is angled upwards whilst the lower-leg section if horizontal. This position provides excellent circulation control.


Opera adjustable bed features

Our range of adjustable smart beds not only look smart but are built with advanced features to give the ultimate sleep experience and premium comfort. Each feature has been thoughtfully designed to give total comfort, relaxation and a great night sleep.

Each of our adjustable beds comes as standard with back/leg adjustment and the following features: 

Zero Gravity

Did you know this position was designed by NASA? Zero gravity allows you to experience weightlessness and completely relaxed the joints and muscles throughout the body. It really feels as if you are floating on air to give ultimate comfort whilst in a lying position.



Say goodbye to disturbed sleep with Anti-snore. The clever position that uses the built-in neck raising platform which raises the head and opens the airways to reduce snoring. This feature is perfect for those who share a bed and means no more sleepless nights!

Memory Programming

Save your favourite sleeping and sitting positions for your bed for instant comfort.

Backlit Wireless Control

Use a stylish, backlit wireless handset to control you bed. Our handsets are designed for ease of use with illuminating icons for each feature, and can be used as a torch to help getting into bed at night-time.

Upgrade packages

Any Opera adjustable bed can be upgraded to our plus base. This includes all our standard features (back/leg adjustment, zero-gravity, ant-snore and memory programming) plus and additional four features.

Pillow-Tilt Position

The neck-tilting platform allows the user to slightly raise the head whilst in bed. This position is ideal for support your neck whilst sleeping and improves airflow. 


Find total relaxation with a built-in massage feature, designed to gently soothe the body for premium comfort and relaxation.

Underbed Lighting

Create the perfect setting with the under bed light that is ideal for watching tv or reading when in bed. It also acts as a gentle guide for getting in/out of bed. Simply use your backlit control to activate.

GlideBack Auto-Regression

Enjoy the adjustments without the entire frame moving, keeping you closer to bedside furniture and helps against stomach compression.


How to choose your Opera adjustable bed

Now you are familiar with the features and benefits of our adjustable smart beds you can choose one that works for you.

1. Browse our bed range

Choose from the Adjustable Smart Base (also available in Dual sizes) or one of our complete beds with headboard and surround. Our bases vary in levels of technology, all designed to enhance your sleep and provide ultimate comfort. 

All of our adjustable beds can be purchased as standalone, or with any of our adjustable bed headboard and surrounds. Our complete beds provide a variety of stunning classic designs such as the Opera® Motion Divan Adjustable Bed, to more modern designs like the Opera® Versailles Adjustable Bed with stylish vertical pleating and optional side panels.

Browse Opera Beds Brochure

See our full collection of complete adjustable smart beds here

2. Choose Size

Across our adjustable smart bed range, we provide 7 standard width options:

  • 3ft Single
  • 4ft Small double
  • 4ft 6 Double
  • 5ft King
  • 6ft Super King 

Featuring a single mattress platform, Or:

  • 5ft King Dual (2x 3ft)
  • 6ft Super King Dual (2x 3ft)

Our dual sizes come with two backlit handsets allowing independent control of either side of the bed. As our dual sizes have two separate mattress platforms, they require two mattresses, ideal for if you prefer a different type of mattress to your partner.

3. Choose Fabric

All our adjustable smart beds come in our in-house fabrics zinc, linen, and anthracite. All our fabrics are premium grade and to a very high standard. We also allow customers to choose a custom fabric from over 200+ fabrics to create their own unique bed. Our bespoke design service allows customers to choose a bed that’s entirely their way, from headboard to customable features and upholstery. Our In-house fabrics Linen and Anthracite are available Next Day Delivery (Depending on stock availability), for the Zinc fabric the standard lead time is 4-6 weeks. For our bespoke fabrics and non-stock variations, allow 6-8 weeks for production and delivery.

See more about our bespoke design service here

4. Add a Mattress

Our adjustable smart beds are compatible with a range of comfort mattresses to choose from. In most cases standard divan mattresses are not suitable for use on an adjustable bed due to the profiling function that the bed provides. Our mattresses are constructed to allow profiling whilst ensuring the highest level of comfort and support.


Opera® Memory Adjustable Mattress

A layered foam mattress that's constructed from a visco/memory foam topper and a supportive, filler-free reflex foam base to provide pressure relieving benefits.

Firmness: Medium/Firm

For more information on mattresses for adjustable beds, read our mattress buying guide

Opera® Natural 1000 Adjustable Mattress

An affordable natural mattress with 1000 pocket springs, layered polyester, and cotton for excellent comfort. It's supportive with a softer feel, ideal for lighter weight users. The pocket springs respond to body shape and movement, ensuring postural support.

Firmness: Soft/Medium

Opera® Natural 2500 Adjustable Mattress

The Natural 2500 mattress has multi-layered springs, natural cotton, and soft cashmere wool for sumptuous comfort. It has a medium firmness and provides soft yet supportive filling. With pocket and micro-coils, it offers support and adapts to your movements. The cashmere and wool blend provides softness, and it's finished with a soft-touch tufted cover.

Firmness: Medium

Opera® Gel 1000 Adjustable Mattress

The Gel 1000 is a comfortable mattress with a firmness rating of 2/5. It features 1000 pocket springs, high-density foam, and three layers of memory and gel-infused foams for support, comfort, and temperature regulation.

Firmness: Soft/Medium

Opera® Gel Pro 4000 Adjustable Mattress

The Gel Pro 4000 is a high-tech hybrid adjustable mattress with 4000 pocket springs and gel-infused foams. It's designed to be firm, supportive, and conform to an Opera bed's adjustable base. The mattress features carry handles for easy maneuvering and a ventilated top cover for consistent airflow, preventing heat and moisture build-up. The mattress also has a 3000 pocket surface gel matrix with cooling and pressure-relieving properties.

Firmness: Medium/Firm

Opera® Emporia Luxury Adjustable Mattress

The Emporia adjustable mattress is the epitome of luxury and comfort, featuring 1500 hand-laid pocket springs and layers of natural fillings like Dartmoor sheep's wool, hand-teased horsetail, and fine cotton. It can be tailored to your preference of soft, medium, or firm feel, and is designed to work seamlessly with an Opera adjustable bed.

Firmness: Choose either soft, medium or firm 


5. Accessories 

Opera® Jersey Fitted Stretch Sheet

Add even more comfort to your Opera bed with out Jersey cotton sheet. Made with 100% combed jersey cotton, our sheets are super soft and keep you warm and cosy. The high elasticity makes them perfect to move with your body and mattress.

Quilted Mattress Protector Sheet

Protect your mattress with our quilted protector sheet. Designed to help maintain the lifespan of your adjustable mattress and infection control. Our fitted sheet can be purchased if you are wanting a 10-day trial period for our adjustable beds and mattresses.

6. Delivery and Services

Thanks to our extensive delivery network we can provide next day delivery as standard on all our stocked products. Orders for stocked products must be placed before 4pm Monday-Friday to receive the next working day. Orders placed after 3pm will be dispatched the following working day. If you order of stocked items is placed on a Saturday or Sunday will be delivered on the following Tuesday. Delivery is free or charge for all orders over £150, additional charges may apply to locations that are remote, offshore or in Ireland.

Method: Parcel or Pallet Delivery
Time: Next Working Day
Charge: Free on all orders over £150

Home Installation

Don’t want to install your new bed yourself? No problem, we can do that for you. We provide a unique home installation service where our engineers will install your adjustable bed and show you how it works. Upon purchasing your bed, you will receive a delivery date, on this date our installation crew will then call you 1 hour before they arrive. Deliveries are made between 9am and 5pm, and upgrades for allocated timed deliveries can be chosen at an additional charge.
In response to Covid-19 guidelines, our delivery and installation teams are ensuring they follow a highly stringent sanitation procedure. We have a non-contact policy for all courier deliveries. We kindly ask to not be present in the room during the install and ensure a safe 2 metre distance where possible.

Method: 2 Person Crew Delivery and Setup
Time: 2-3 Working Days (Scotland, Northern Ireland and offshore postcodes may be longer)
Charge: £145

Prices are subject to UK mainland, for remote and offshore locations pricing may differ. Call us on 0333 222 8584 for details.


Why Choose Opera?

Over 20 years’ experience

Our combined experience within the furniture, manufacturing, and technology industries we create beds with a fresh approach, focusing on enhancing lives and always delivering comfort. Our team of dedicated experts are on hand to support your journey with us, from initial consultation and advice through to delivery and aftercare.

Generous warranty terms

All our adjustable beds come with a free 5-year parts and labour warranty, so you can sleep with peace of mind you’re covered should you ever need us. For added cover, you can upgrade your warranty, learn more here.

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