How Do Adjustable Beds Work? A Quick Guide


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Electric adjustable beds provide you with a lot more flexibility than a traditional bed, allowing you to easily raise or lower the back and leg sections to achieve your perfect sleep position and easily get in and out of bed.

In this quick guide, we’ll show you how Opera adjustable beds work and how you can adapt yours to suit your needs and lifestyle. 

Personalise your sleep posture

The most popular feature of an adjustable bed is the fact you can lift and move the bed platform up and down to find a comfortable position to sit or lay. 

Having the power to alter your sleep posture not only has brilliant health benefits, but it also means you can find the ultimate relaxing position when you’re reading a book in bed or settling down to catch up on your favourite TV show.

Electric components of an adjustable bed

There are three basic electrical parts to an adjustable bed - the handset, the power source and the motors that control the movement of the bed. 

Usually, your bed plugs into a wall, but you can also get beds that have a backup battery pack that kicks in if there’s a power cut. 

The motors of a quality adjustable bed should never be noisy. Your bed shouldn't disturb your rest and relaxation, and that's why the motors in Opera adjustable beds are super quiet.

Opera beds have a five-section electric mattress platform so you can raise the backrest to sit up in bed and raise the legrest to elevate your legs. All of this can be controlled through your personal handset control - and you can even save your favourite positions. 

Advanced features of an adjustable bed

Some adjustable beds come with more advanced features so you can truly customise your new bed to your home, lifestyle and needs. 

If you share a bed with a partner, you may wish to look into a dual control adjustable bed for two people. Some adjustable beds, like the Opera® Romeo Adjustable Smart Bed, are equipped with two wireless handsets so that both of you can find your unique sleep position - no more arguing over who has the remote. 

Meanwhile, if you get up during the night, under-bed lighting could help you see where you’re walking without having to wake up the whole house. 

Another thing to consider if you’re looking for your perfect adjustable bed is whether or not it’s customisable and will look great in your home. 

At Opera, we know that feeling at home is an important part of creating a restful environment for sleep. Each one of our adjustable beds can be personalised to suit your style thanks to our range of headboards, fabrics and legs that have all been carefully created by British designers.


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