What Size are Hospital Beds?

What Size are Hospital Beds?


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Hospital beds come in a variety of lengths and widths, which can cause confusion if you need to order a bed for a family member who’s coming out of hospital.

Typically, when it comes to selecting a bed size there are three widths to choose from:

  • 90cm / 3 ft
  • 105cm / 3 ft 6 in
  • 120cm / 4 ft

However, if you are measuring a bedroom to size up which bed will best fit, remember that the bed will naturally be wider than the stated mattress size.

How wide is a hospital bed?

Hospital beds can vary in size, but the most common is around 80-90cm in width. At Opera, our range of hospital beds are available in three widths. Our Opera Signature Profiling Bed is available at 3ft, 3ft 6 and 4ft, where we specify a mattress width, an internal width and external width.

If you are trying to determine whether a hospital bed will fit in a room you should use the external width.

Mattress Width

External Width

 Opera Signature Profiling Bed 90cm 90cm 100.2cm 
 Opera Signature Profiling Bed 105cm 105cm 117.0cm 
 Opera Signature Profiling Bed 120cm 120cm 132.0cm 

How long is a hospital bed?

Most hospital beds are around 200cm in length, meaning most standard size mattresses can be used with the bed. Our range of hospital beds can be extended by 20cm by using an extension platform, making them accessible for taller users. 

Mattress Length

External Length

 Opera Signature Profiling Bed 200cm 200cm 207.0cm 
 Including 20cm Extension Platform 220cm 227.0cm 

Our whole range of profiling hospital beds can be bought and installed by our team of UK wide engineers, usually with 2-3 days of purchase. You can view the whole range here or call our helpful support team who will be happy to advise on 0333 222 8584.

Adding an extension kit

For users that exceed 6ft, an extension kit may be required to ensure the bed can accommodate their height. An extension kit which includes a mattress platform extension, mattress infill and extended side rails can be purchased and fitted to the hospital bed to increase its length. The extension kit for Opera® profiling beds extends the bed by 200mm (7.9″). View it here.

How do I get a hospital bed for home?

If you or a loved one is coming out of hospital, it's likely you'll need to source a care bed at home before the move can be made. Here's a few ways you can do this:

  • Apply to the council for a bed
  • Apply to the hospital for a bed
  • Purchase at bed for yourself
  • Rent a hospital bed

Read our more detailed guide on how to get a hospital bed for at home.

Can I get a hospital bed for free?

Hospital beds can make a drastic improvement to an individual's health, mobility and overall quality of life. There are methods you can explore to help with the cost of getting a hospital bed:

  • Apply for funding from the government, local council, charity, trust or carer group
  • Purchase a recondition or used bed
  • Speak to your local hospital or council

Read our guide on how to get a free or cheap hospital bed.

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