Hospital Beds for Home

Hospital beds have back, leg and height adjustment to help you get in and out of bed, maximise comfort, and assist nursing care where required.

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Fully Electric and Adjustable

Discover ultimate comfort with the fully electric and adjustable hospital home care bed. Easily find your perfect position with the elevating back and leg rest.

Height Adjustable

The Solo Home Hospital Bed is height adjustable, allowing you to set the perfect bed height to get in and out easier. The bed also lowers to almost ground level, to provide a safe sleeping height and protect against bed falls.

In-Bed Chair Position

An in-bed chair position of a home hospital bed can help someone with COPD by allowing them to sit up comfortably, which can help improve lung function and make breathing easier. This upright position helps reduce the pressure on the diaphragm, facilitating better airflow and reducing the effort required to breathe.

Stylish Design for any Home

The Solo Home Hospital Bed is elegantly styled with wood, fabrics and a range of sizes. Enjoy the benefits of a home hospital bed and suits the décor of your home.

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Make life easier with a home hospital bed

If you've had a recent stay in hospital or you have a loved one who needs extra care at home, a hospital bed could be the perfect solution for your situation.

Hospital beds have back, leg and height adjustment features to help you get in and out of bed. They also maximise comfort and assist nursing care staff where required, as well as increasing patient safety

The Opera® range of hospital home care beds is thoughtfully styled for use in the home and represents just one of the main bed types we produce.

Opera Beds has long been recognised as the trusted experts for bed-based care, manufacturing many different types of bed for use at home. We've created a range of beds and mattresses that look modern and comfortable, giving customers better variety over the more traditional, clinical medical beds that people often expect.

Our commitment to balancing functionality with attractive designs has enabled us to build beds that our customers truly love. If you'd like to buy a hospital bed from us, all the essential information can be found on this page.

If you'd like to find out a little more about the Opera Beds process before committing to a purchase, our friendly team will be happy to help.

What Is a Hospital Bed?

Hospital beds (also called hospital-style beds) have all the functionality of a bed you would find in a hospital ward - but there are a few key differences.

The beds we make are thoughtfully styled for the home environment, making them much nicer to look at. Our range of hospital beds are pleasantly styled, unlike traditional hospital beds that are institutional looking. Our homely designed hospital beds ensure people using them feel at home whilst catering to their needs.

Our beds have several features that can help with nursing care. Settings include back adjustment options for sitting up in bed and leg adjustment for elevating your feet. Most of our beds also allow for different height adjustments, meaning that the whole bed can be raised and lowered to ease access and facilitate nursing care. 

Our beds come in a variety of different styles and widths that can be customised with headboard and fabric options. This allows you to choose a hospital bed that suits your needs and your decor.

At Opera Beds, we provide the entire package. As well as a wide range of adjustable mattress types to choose from, you can also add accessories such as grab handles, overbed tables, fall-prevention side rails and more to support you in your home.

Why Should You Buy an Opera® Home Hospital Bed?

Our beds come with many different features designed to help you with your day-to-day life, with fantastic service also provided by us as part of the overall package. 

We’ll work with you to provide suitable recommendations and advice so that you can choose the best hospital bed for your needs. Our collection has beds for now and future use, in case your care needs change.

We're well known across the care sector for combining homely design with advanced medical features and excellent build quality. We also have a wide range of hospital bed stock, which allows suitable beds for every need.

If you’re unsure of which bed type is suitable for your needs, our handy guide to our range of beds should help you make the right decision.

As you can see, there's a reason why care providers choose to buy Opera® premium hospital beds. If you're still weighing up your options, the list below should give you an idea of the type of quality you can expect from one of our beds:

  • Smooth and quiet operation that maximises comfort and avoids disturbance
  • Our hospital beds are adjustable and can be moved up to a carer's waist level as well as close to the floor, to accommodate varying nursing care needs
  • Homely and customizable luxury designs, making our beds particularly suitable for style-conscious buyers
  • Reliable 3 to 5-year parts and labour warranties
  • Fast next-day delivery and optional home installation service
  • Peace-of-mind 10-night home trial available on any bed

Our range of hospital beds are suitable for people due to come out of hospital soon and those requiring long-term care at home.

How Can an Opera® Hospital Bed Benefit Your Life?

Buying a new bed is never an easy choice, particularly if it's required for a care setting. Both functionality and comfort will be top of your list of priorities, so taking the time to explore the different settings and styles available is well worth the effort.

To help you during the thinking process, we've created this section to show you all the different ways that using one of our beds can help you. 

And, if you find that you still need more advice, call our phone number and a member of our friendly team will help to answer any remaining questions you may have.

Get Quality Care at Home

One of the primary reasons people choose to purchase a hospital bed is because they have a medical condition or mobility issues in which a bed can help them. Either the hospital or care home may recommend the use of a hospital bed, or a user or loved one may get in touch directly.

Regardless of the situation you find yourself in, a hospital bed provides comfort and support and makes life easier. They promote independence and allow you to live comfortably at home. 

Our home hospital beds are specifically designed for those who might otherwise need community care and are ideal for bed-based care. They can be adjusted to different heights to help carers if they're needed.

If in doubt about what sort of bed you might need, get in touch and we'll go through your options.

Watch our Hospital Beds for Home video...

Opera® Home Hospital Beds have an elevating back rest, leg rest (aka knee-break) and are high-low height adjustable. The comprehensive range includes budget-conscious care home beds right through to premium home hospital beds with fabric and headboard options. In this video, you can preview what to expect when researching and buying an Opera® Home Hospital Bed.

No Need to Hire a Bed

If you're coming out of the hospital, you can also choose to apply to hire a bed. However, whilst this may be cheaper than buying a bed, there may be long waits and look like a traditional hospital bed.

There is a significant demand for hospital beds, affecting both those available in hospitals and those you can rent from local government agencies. Due to this high demand, these beds are often rented out on a temporary basis. Alternatively, you can rent beds from private companies, although this option can be quite costly over time.

At Opera Beds, we have an extremely quick turnaround time, from ordering the bed all the way through to installation. We can deliver to you within a week if you need a bed urgently - you can also opt for our home installation service, in which our Opera® engineers set up your bed in your home. 

On a budget? Not a problem. We offer a wide range of beds at different price points. If you think you might need to use the bed for a long period of time, buying (instead of hiring) is the long-term money-saving option. Have a browse through our available stock of care beds to see which bed might be best for your situation.

Choosing the Right Hospital Bed for You

If you'd like to buy one of our beds but you're not quite sure how the process works, there's no need to worry. We make the buying process simple. Starting with a free consultation to understand you/your loved ones needs and have plenty of stocked beds available for same-day dispatch.

If you or a loved one is due to come out of hospital soon, your health care planning team is likely to have asked you to arrange for a hospital bed for your home. They usually won't be willing to proceed with the discharge until suitable arrangements have been made, although this will depend on your personal circumstances.

The team at Opera Beds is here to help you through this process, assisting you by advising on the most suitable medical bed for your healthcare needs. If you're already living at home and your needs have progressed, we'll work with you to supply a bed for long-term care to enable you to stay at home comfortably.

Once you've had a browse through the different bed options available, we recommend you give our team a call to help you choose the one that's most suitable for you.

Once you are confident you know which bed is right for you, we aim to deliver your bed as quickly as possible. We understand that timing can be crucial when dealing with patient care, which is why we have plenty of beds available for delivery within a week. We provide fast home delivery and installation options with next-day and same-day options available where needed.

Opera® Hospital Beds: Unparalleled Comfort and Convenience

If you've recently spent time in hospital and are ready to buy your own bed for use at home, we’re here to help.

We have a huge range of beds available, including:

Both single and double beds can be purchased, meaning there's no need for you to spend the night away from your partner or spouse.

At Opera Beds, we've made it our mission to design comfortable and modern beds for ease of use. Our hospital beds are designed to create a nice environment in your home that isn't as clinical as a traditional hospital setting, giving you peace of mind throughout the process.

All our beds can be purchased directly through our website, but if you think you need a little more advice first, our customer care team is happy to help!