Maximising Comfort and Support: How Profiling Beds Aid in Pressure Ulcer Prevention

Maximising Comfort and Support: How Profiling Beds Aid in Pressure Ulcer Prevention

Pressure ulcers, also commonly referred to pressure sores or bed sores, develop when there is a build up of pressure on the skin. Although they can happen to anyone, pressure sores develop when you have problems moving. However, people with the following are also at a higher risk of developing a pressure sore:

  • Limited mobility
  • Have had a pressure sore previously
  • Are seriously ill in intensive care or undergone surgery recently
  • Are underweight
  • Have poor circulation
  • Lack of sensations or feeling pain

How to prevent pressure sore development

There are a few ways to help prevent pressure sores from developing, which you, or your care team at home can do. These include:

How profiling beds help pressure sores

Profiling beds play a crucial role in pressure ulcer prevention by providing customised comfort and support to patients, particularly those who are bedridden or have limited mobility.

A lady laying in a profiling bed

Here's how they aid in preventing pressure ulcers:

1. Adjustable Positions:

Profiling beds can be electronically adjusted to various positions, allowing you to change your posture regularly. In doing so, this helps redistribute the pressure on different areas of the body, reducing the constant pressure on vulnerable areas such as the heels, sacrum and elbows.

Majority of pressure sores can be avoided simply by changing position frequently. Profiling care beds help those with limited mobility, and people who struggle position themselves in a regular bed by being electrically adjustable. This helps reduce pressure sore development, whilst also helping maintain a sense of independence and dignity.

a lady laying in a profiling bed with the remote

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2. Pressure Redistribution

Profiling beds feature different pressure zones that can be individually adjusted. For example, elevating the legs and feet offers enhanced comfort whilst alleviate pressure in the lower limbs. Meanwhile, elevating the back rest takes pressure away from the spine and sacrum – which can be a targeted area for pressure sore development.

For those caring for someone at home, it enables them to adjust the bed’s position to the patient’s specific needs, ensuring that pressure is evenly distributed and reducing the risk of ulcers.

3. Improved circulation

If you, or loved one have poor circulation, this makes them more subject to pressure sore development. However, profiling beds help improve circulation by having a range of adjustments.


This helps to prevent tissue damaged caused by reduced blood flow, which is a significant factor in pressure ulcer development.

4. Reduced Friction and Shear

Profiling beds have an adjustable mattress platform which helps reduce friction and shear. Particularly, when used with a pressure care mattress, profiling beds help minimise the skin’s movement against the bed surface, reducing the likelihood or shear-induced tissue damage.

Meanwhile, profiling beds with a built-in knee-break help to prevent the person from sliding down the bed after they have been repositioned.

Some profiling beds like the Opera Solo Profiling Bed, have an in-bed tilt position which raises the bed so your head is higher than your legs. This position helps to alleviate pressure and improve respiration and circulation throughout the body.

the Solo profiling bed with someone on it

5. Enhanced comfort and pain management

Pressure sores are painful and uncomfortable to live with if they become a blister or open wound. If left untreated, pressure ulcers can get worse and reach deeper layers of skin, muscle and bone over time.

Profiling beds provide enhanced comfort to those with a pressure sore by encouraging them to shift their weight and position regularly. Both of which are essential in preventing and treating pressure ulcers. Whether it's elevating the head for respiratory comfort or raising the legs to reduce swelling, these adjustments aid in pain management, promoting a better quality of life for patients.

6. Customised Support

Profiling beds can be adjusted to provide optimal support to different body types and medical conditions. There are also bariatric profiling beds for larger users. It’s important that users receive the right level of support where it’s needed most.

If you are unsure which bed is best for you, or your loved one our team can help. Take a look at ways to get started to making life easier.

a daughter looking at her mother in her profiling bed

7. Enhanced Caregiver Assistance

Profiling beds are a great investment for helping carers, including caring for someone with a pressure sore. Profiling beds have a height adjustment feature where the whole bed raises and lowers. This allows easier access and reducing back strain should carers need to deliver on-the-bed care. The height adjustment also helps to reduce accidental skin damage during repositioning or transfers.

a care giver helping someone on a profiling bed

8. Prevention of further complications

Profiling beds contribute to the prevention of complications associated with pressure sores, such as infections and deeper tissue damage. By optimising pressure distribution and supporting the healing process, profiling beds can help patients avoid more severe medical issues.

9. Enhanced quality of rest

Adequate rest is essential for healing and recovery. Profiling beds can help patients with pressure sores achieve better sleep quality by allowing them to find a comfortable sleeping position. Improved sleep contributes to overall well-being.

Pressure sore prevention equipment

There are several types of equipment to help treat and prevent pressure sores. Depending on the type of sore and specific needs, care givers can effectively reduce the risk of pressure ulcers by using specific equipment. These include:

Pressure care mattresses – designed to deliver pressure relief an enhanced user comfort.

An Opera pressure relieving mattress

Pressure care cushions – provide pressure relief and comfort for those sitting for prolonged periods of time.

Repositioning – designed to reposition the user by redistributing pressure for the recommended time of every 2 hours at least.


Profiling beds are a valuable tool in pressure ulcer prevention as they promote patient comfort, optimise body positioning, and help maintain healthy blood circulation.

These features collectively reduce the risk of pressure ulcers, particularly in individuals who are vulnerable due to limited mobility or bed bound. They also help contribute to enhanced well-being for both the user and caregiver.

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