Woman's hand tapping on a tablet showing an order quotation from Opera Beds.
Woman's hand tapping on a tablet showing an order quotation from Opera Beds.
Woman's hand tapping on a tablet showing an order quotation from Opera Beds.

Pricing Explained

Considering buying a new care bed or adjustable bed? The number of options and spectrum of pricing can be overwhelming, and when researching for the first time it's difficult to know what price you should expect to pay and why some brands/products appear unusually cheap and others significantly more.

This guide will help set expectations and give you the reasons behind the pricing of care beds and mattresses.

How much should I expect to pay for a care bed or adjustable bed?

The price you pay depends on several factors such as the features you require the bed to do, the size of the bed, mattress and specification.

Profiling Care Beds

As standard, profiling care beds are equipped with back and leg rest adjustment for comfort in bed, as well as overall height adjustment to assist carers and ease access getting in and out of bed. Prices range from around £1000-£5,000+ and varies based on functionality, size, style and finish. Profiling beds with All-in-one height (this is where the bed can go low to the floor and raised up to carers waist level) are around £1500+, with wider sizes such as 3ft 6 and 4ft priced at £1800+. If a pressure care mattress is required for the bed, these range from around £200-£2000.

Example: Opera® Signature Profiling Bed

  • All-in-one height range from low to nursing
  • Available in three widths
  • Solid wood surround with wood finish/colour options
  • Optional side rails and grab handle
From £1795
With mattress and delivery/setup: £2150+

View Signature Profiling Bed

Opera® Signature Profiling bed

When comparing pricing between different brands, bear in mind that construction quality can differ a lot. Care beds less that £800 are likely to have a scaled back specification with weaker steel construction (check weight capacity), noisier motors, foil/veneer wrapped wood (damages easily) and plastic side rail fittings (notorious for snapping). The mattress platform is another area where corners can be cut as cheaper beds will space slats far apart to save steel but this in turn causes comfort issues and heavier users will feel the slats through the mattress. Look out for at least a two year warranty and check it covers parts and labour. Also read reviews to see how other's have got on with the bed. All Opera Profiling Care Beds come with a 3 year parts and labour warranty as standard.

Adjustable Beds

An adjustable bed for home use that comes with back and leg rest adjustment will range from £600-£3000+. Adjustable beds at entry level pricing typically consist of a simple adjustable divan base or adjustable platform bed with basic back/leg adjustment. Upholstered surrounds and headboards will add to the price. Meanwhile mattresses vary from basic single-layer foam to premium, deep layered mattresses with hand-nested springs and natural fillings. All of which tend to be higher quality which reflect in the price. The size of the bed will also affect the price with dual beds in double, king and super king sizes being £1200 and above.

For advanced comfort features you should expect to pay more. Opera® adjustable beds incorporate unique features such as Zero Gravity mode (simulates weightlessness to relieve pressure on joints and body) as standard. Upgrade options such as underbed lighting, massage and wall-hugging will add to the price. Luxury super king dual beds with all features and top-of-the-range mattresses can cost as much as £6-8000.

Example: Opera® Hagen Adjustable Bed

  • High-quality upholstered headboard/surround
  • Available in four sizes (including dual options)
  • Zero gravity, anti-snore and wireless control
  • Optional massage, lighting, wall hugging and more
From £1495
With mattress and delivery/setup: £1950+

View Hagen Adjustable Bed

Opera® Hagen Adjustable Bed

Some online retailers will offer beds at less than £600 but beware that these beds are not built to last and are usually the subject of comfort complaints and claims of unsafe quality. Things to look out for when researching this style of bed are warranty terms, maximum user weight and user reviews.

Transparent Pricing Policy

The mobility industry is notorious for not displaying pricing. At Opera we want to change this, and it is our commitment to be as transparent as possible with the pricing of our products so you can make guided and informed decisions. All our pricing is available online at operabeds.com and you can call us at any time for a personalised quotation there and then. Custom adaptions and bespoke requirements are charged fairly, fully explained and quoted individually so you know exactly what you are paying for. This gives you peace-of-mind that there are no hidden costs and you will never pay more than anyone else.

Why do so many mobility bed/chair companies not show pricing?

The simple answer is that it is a long-held tradition for many mobility companies to visit customer homes and quote a price based on what they feel that customer will pay. Often companies will claim their product is ‘bespoke’ or ‘specially made for your needs’ when in reality the product specification will be the same or similar to other beds available. Often a price will be quoted and when rebuffed a discount will be arranged until the customer is convinced. This results in customer’s paying wildly different prices for very similar products and has led to numerous trader investigations in the past as well as calls for industry reform.

Reduced Pricing and Affordability

VAT Relief

All Opera® products are VAT relievable if you are purchasing for personal use or a loved one at home providing you/they have a recognised long-term medical condition. It is super easy to apply through a simple declaration form which can be completed when you checkout online or by email when ordering over the phone. Find out more about checking your eligibility and how you apply in our helpful VAT Relief Page.


Everyone deserves confidence they are paying the best possible price for their bed and service. As part of our transparent pricing policy, each of our products is priced on a range of considered factors and listed at the best value we can offer. We run occasional discounts for specific products which is displayed online and fairly offered to all.  For instances where multiple beds are purchased, we may be able to provide bundle prices. Approved Opera retailers are required to charge exactly the same pricing as our visible online pricing so you can be confident you are always getting the best price.

Pricing for Care Organisations

If you’re buying on behalf of a care home or trade organisation, pricing will differ to our online pricing. We work with several of the UK’s leading care providers and for new build developments and ongoing supply contracts we will offer preferential pricing. Call our contracts team on 0333 222 8584 to discuss your requirements.


To help make an Opera bed as affordable as possible, we offer finance so you can split your payment over a period of 6, 12 or 24 months. Finance is provided by Klarna at an APR of 9.9%. Care providers can finance large orders and development projects through dedicated leasing agreements. Try our Finance Calculator.

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