Adjustable Beds: A Sound Investment in a Good Night's Sleep?

Adjustable Beds: A Sound Investment in a Good Night's Sleep?

Unsure if an adjustable bed is worth it? For many people you cannot put a price on comfort. We all know how important it is to get a good night’s sleep for our well-being. That's why investing in the right bed can make a huge difference.

Adjustable beds are designed to provide better quality of sleep and can have a positive impact on your health. But are they worth it? In this article we’ll explore the cost of adjustable beds and their benefits. From enhanced comfort, pain relief and sufficient support, by the end you’ll be better placed in deciding if they are worth the investment.

a lady in an adjustable bed very comfy

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The cost of adjustable beds

The cost of an adjustable bed is typically higher than a regular, flat type bed. This is because adjustable beds have a significant advantage in terms of their features, quality and overall durability.

Adjustable bed types and prices

There are several types of adjustable beds available on the market, each with its own features and price range. Here are the main types:

Manual adjustable beds

These beds are the most basic and typically the most affordable option. They consist of a wooden frame and timber slats which are operated manually, usually using a crank or lever system. You can adjust the head and foot sections of the bed to various positions.

Manual adjustable beds are generally less expensive, with prices starting around £300 and going up depending on the size and features. 

Electric adjustable beds

Power adjustable beds are more advanced and convenient than manual ones. They are operated electrically using a remote control or buttons. With a electric adjustable bed, you can easily adjust the positions of the head, foot, and other sections of the bed. These types of beds offer more flexibility and precise adjustments. Electric adjustable beds cost around £600+, depending on the model, size and design.

adjustable bed remote to adjust the bed to the best position

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Dual adjustable beds

Dual, or split adjustable beds are specially designed for two people. With each side of the bed controlled separately, they offer both convenience and comfort to each user. Dual adjustable beds are a great solution for couples as they can accommodate the unique sleep preferences and needs of each individual.

a dual adjustable bed with separate mattresses

Here’s some reasons why adjustable beds are a good choice for couples:

  •       Suited to each sleeper’s position - Adjustable beds allow each person to independently adjust their side of the bed to their desired position. Whether one prefers a slightly elevated headrest or raised legs, and the other prefers a flatter position, each partner can find their ideal level of comfort without compromising on the other's preferences.
  •       Minimal motion transfer and disturbance - One significant advantage of adjustable beds is their ability to minimise motion transfer. If one person tends to toss and turn or frequently changes positions during the night, each side of the bed moves independently which ensures that their movements are isolated to their side of the bed, reducing disturbances for the other person.
  •       Cater to different sleep needs - Those who share a bed often have different sleep needs and preferences. Dual adjustable beds allow each person to personalise their positions to suit their specific needs. For example, one person may benefit from an inclined position due to snoring or sleep apnoea, while the other may prefer a flatter position for optimal comfort.
  •       Individual comfort - A great benefit of dual adjustable beds is the ability to have two different mattress types. By having a split configuration, each person can have their preferred firmness and create a sleep surface that caters to their specific comfort preferences. This helps to provide a more restful and satisfying sleep experience for both.

The cost of dual adjustable beds starts from around £1200 and above, depending on your preference in size, style and features.

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There are a variety of benefits associated with adjustable beds which can outweigh their cost.

Benefits of adjustable beds

Adjustable beds provide offer customised positions for proper support

Adjustable beds provide undeniable comfort by providing you with an array of different positions. Traditional flat beds provide limited positions and don’t provide the same level of support. Adjustable beds provide flexibility and can be modified to suit your specific needs and preferences.

an adjustable bed with a lot of different positions

One of the key advantages of adjustable beds is their ability to elevate the head and upper body. Not only is this more convenient than using pillows, raising the backrest on an adjustable bed can provide relief for those with back pain. Adjustable beds provide better spinal alignment which reduces pressure and strain on the lower back.

Depending on the make and model of adjustable bed you’re interested in, some adjustable beds offer unique preset positions that can benefit specific areas of the body. For example, the zero-gravity position can help alleviate common conditions like acid reflux or snoring by keeping the airways open and reducing pressure on the respiratory system.

Adjustable beds can help with health conditions

The versatility of adjustable beds in offering a range of positions ensures that you can find the optimal configuration to suit your specific comfort needs. If you experience swelling in your legs or feet, adjustable beds can help alleviate your symptoms. The elevating leg rest promotes healthy blood circulation and reduces swelling and tension. This position is particularly beneficial for individuals who suffer from leg pain, oedema, or conditions like varicose veins.

Did you know, all Opera adjustable beds are eligible to purchase VAT free if you, or your loved one have a named health condition, disability or long-term illness.

Someone with a named health condition

Learn more about VAT relief here.

Adjustable beds offer versatile comfort for a range of activities

Many of us enjoy watching TV in bed and adjustable beds are the perfect choice for it. Adjusting the bed to a semi-upright position helps you achieve a better ergonomic posture which reduces strain on your neck, back and shoulders.

When sitting up in an adjustable bed, the elevated head position allows for better alignment of your spine, minimising discomfort and promoting proper posture. This ensures that you can indulge in extended TV viewing sessions without experiencing the usual strain and fatigue associated with sitting up in a regular flat bed.

Adjustable beds offer significant advantages when it comes to working in bed on a laptop, making them an excellent choice for those who seek comfort and productivity in a relaxed environment.

a man working on his laptop in an adjustable bed

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Adjustable beds can help regain independence

If you or someone you know has mobility limitations or a health condition, an adjustable bed can help regain independence.

Adjustable beds make it much easier to change position, allowing you to find the perfect position that’s supportive and comfortable at the touch of a button. This feature proves invaluable for individuals with limited mobility, as they can independently elevate the head, raise the legs, or adjust the bed to a sitting position without relying on external assistance. Being able to control their own positioning empowers individuals to perform daily activities with greater ease and reduced reliance on others.

Adjustable beds with advanced features such as an underbed light, can also be helpful to those with visual impairments. Our range of adjustable beds can be upgraded to include this feature – perfect when navigating through your bedroom in the dark.

a dark room with the under bed lighting on so show how affective it is

Adjustable beds can enhance your bedroom

Adjustable beds not only offer functional benefits but also have the potential to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your bedroom. Here's how adjustable beds can contribute to the overall visual appeal of your sleeping space: 

  • Sleek and Modern Design - Many adjustable beds seamlessly integrate into various bedroom styles, adding a touch of sophistication and elegance.
  • Hidden technology - Adjustable beds are equipped with advanced technology, but the mechanisms are discreetly hidden within the bed frame. This ensures that the focus remains on the bed's overall appearance rather than on visible mechanical components, maintaining a clean and uncluttered look in your bedroom.
  • Customisable options – Adjustable beds can be customised with size and fabric options. At Opera, we offer a wide selection of our premium fabrics so you can choose an adjustable bed that suits your style!

a custom opera bed

Spreading the cost of an adjustable bed

At Opera, we have a wide variety of adjustable beds with affordable options for all budgets.

Adjustable beds are a worthwhile investment and there are a few ways you can spread the cost:


We offer flexible finance options across any of our beds. You can spread the cost over 6,12, 18 or 24 months. Learn ore about our finance option here.

VAT Relief

As mentioned earlier, all Opera products are eligible for VAT relief if you are eligible. If you or your loved one have a named medical condition, long-term illness or disability you can save 20% of the overall cost.

To check if you’re eligible, visit our VAT relief page or get in touch with our team.


Other costs to consider

  •       Mattresses: When buying an adjustable bed, its essential that the mattress you have for it is suitable. Regular mattresses are not flexible enough to contour with an adjustable bed, and the wrong one can damage or even break your adjustable bed.
  •       Bedding: It’s important that your bedding fits your adjustable bed properly. Fitted sheets and mattress protectors should have enough elasticity and stretch to handle the changing contours of the mattress as it moves with the adjustable base.
  •       Warranties: The cost of an adjustable bed often reflects the warranty that is included. For example, lower end, cheap adjustable beds usually have poor warranty terms and are built with low quality materials. Consider the warranty terms, coverage, and conditions, to ensure your investment in an adjustable bed is protected.

an adjustable bed in the raise positions with a mattress to show that a normal mattress wouldn't work with an adjustable bed


In summary, if you’re looking to enhance your sleep quality and improve overall well being, adjustable beds are worth the investment. They have a multitude of benefits, offering enhanced comfort, personalised positions and targeted pain relief.

The ability to adjust the bed's position allows for optimal support, improved posture, and a reduction in discomfort which is beneficial for those with limited mobility or health conditions. By prioritising your sleep and investing in a high-quality adjustable bed, you begin to enjoy exceptional comfort, tailored support, and rejuvenating rest that will positively impact your overall well-being.

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