Making the Investment: The Cost-Effective Option: Renting vs. Buying Hospital Beds

Making the Investment: The Cost-Effective Option: Renting vs. Buying Hospital Beds

Hospital beds are specially designed to help facilitate care, making it a more comfortable experience for both the user and carer. The decision whether to rent or buy a hospital bed depends on you, or your loved one’s situation.

If you have recently come out of hospital or have care needs that can be supported at home, you may wish to weigh up the pros and cons on renting vs buying a hospital bed. In this article, we will explore the advantages and setbacks of both renting and buying a hospital bed for home.

At Opera, we’ve helped thousands of people looking for a hospital bed that makes life easier and regains comfort. If you’d like us to guide you to the best solution, get in touch with our team for a free needs-based consultation.

Renting a hospital bed

Renting a hospital bed can be a practical and beneficial choice if you have care needs at home.

Benefits of renting a hospital bed

Here are some reasons why someone may wish to consider renting a hospital bed:

1.    Short-term solution for your needs

If you are only expected to use a hospital bed for a short period of time (around 1-2 months), renting a hospital bed could be the better option. Renting a hospital bed is suitable to those with quick recovery times and will not need ongoing care/treatment. 

someone marking in a calendar

2.    Cost-effective in some cases

Renting hospital beds can be cost-efficient compared to the upfront cost of buying one. By renting a hospital bed, it provides flexibility to spread the cost in monthly and affordable payments.

3.    Trial Periods:

Renting a hospital bed can be a great way to evaluate the performance and suitability of the bed before committing to make a purchase. Hospital beds have a variety of different features and functions, so it’s important to know which is best to cater to you, or your loved one’s needs.

If you are interested in trialling a hospital bed for home, we offer a 10-night home trial across all our hospital beds.  

a lady using an opera hospital bed in the 10 night trail

While renting a hospital bed for home use can be beneficial in certain situations, it is essential to consider the potential disadvantages before deciding.

Disadvantages of renting a hospital bed

Here are some drawbacks of renting a hospital bed for home use:

1.      Long-term cost

Renting a hospital bed over an extended period can accumulate significant costs compared to purchasing the bed outright. If the need for the bed is expected to be long-term, buying the equipment might be more cost-effective in the long run. The cost of renting a hospital bed is usually between £70-£150 depending on the make/model.

2.    Limited Customisation

Rented hospital beds may have limited options for customisation. Home users may have specific needs or preferences for features such as mattress type, bed height adjustment, or side rail options that might not be available in standard rental beds.

a standard hospital bed

3.    Quality and Cleanliness Concerns

Rental hospital beds might not always meet the same standards of comfort and quality as beds purchased directly. If you rent a hospital bed, depending on where from it may not come in its best condition.

Rented beds are used repeatedly by numerous individuals over time, this increases the possibility of becoming faulty and adds to their wear and tear.


While renting a hospital bed for home use can provide short-term solutions and flexibility, it is essential to carefully assess the disadvantages:

  •       Can be more expensive in the long run
  •       Less choice on design and customisation
  •       May not be the best quality or most suitable

a carer with an elderly man

Before making a decision, it is advisable to discuss the options with both user and care provider and consider the individual's medical needs and financial circumstances.

Buying a hospital bed

Buying a hospital bed can offer several advantages over renting, making it a preferable option for certain individuals or situations. Here are some reasons why someone might be better off buying a hospital bed rather than renting one:

1.      Cost Savings in the Long Run

While renting may seem like a more affordable short-term option, purchasing a hospital bed can result in significant cost savings over time. The cumulative rental fees can surpass the one-time purchase cost, especially if the bed is needed for an extended period.

2.    Tailored Features and Customisation

When buying a hospital bed, individuals have the flexibility to select the model that matches their specific needs. Furthermore, buying allows you to choose the bed’s features such as the height adjustment range, side rails, mattress type and other customisation options to ensure maximum comfort and support. 

a Opera hospital bed that has very veiltail features to meet the patients needs

3.    Familiarity, comfort and design

Hospital beds available for purchase often come in a variety of designs, enabling individuals to choose a bed that complements their home décor and creates a more pleasant and personalised environment.

Using a bed that one owns and is familiar with can contribute to a sense of comfort and stability, enhancing overall well-being for you or your loved one.

At Opera, we’re committed to providing hospital beds that embrace stylish design whilst having all the necessary functionality to support care at home.

4.    Quality and durability

Purchasing a hospital bed allows individuals to invest in a high-quality, durable bed that meets medical standards and is built to last. Rental beds may not always provide the same level of quality or comfort, potentially compromising the patient's well-being and long-term use.

5.    Caregiver Flexibility

For individuals requiring regular care from family members or caregivers, owning a hospital bed can offer greater flexibility for caregivers to provide assistance and support, thanks to the bed's customisable features. Purchasing a hospital bed for home also can help in providing peace-of-mind for care givers, by ensuing their loved one is comfortable and well-supported.

a opera profiling bed with a caregiving

If you provide care for a loved one our helpful team of experts can assist in finding the best solution for both of your needs. Contact our team to get started.

While purchasing a hospital bed for home use can be a suitable option for many individuals, it also comes with certain disadvantages that should be carefully considered.

Disadvantages of purchasing hospital bed

Here are some of the drawbacks of buying a hospital bed for home:

1.      Upfront cost

Purchasing a hospital bed for home is a big investment and can be expensive. The upfront cost may be a financial burden for some individual or their families. If so, you may wish to look at finance options or cost-effective hospital beds.

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2.    Limited Flexibility

Once a hospital bed is purchased, it becomes a permanent fixture in the home. If the need for the bed diminishes or changes over time, the individual may find themselves with equipment they no longer require.

3.    Future Needs Uncertainty

The user's medical condition or care needs may evolve over time, and the purchased hospital bed might not be suitable for any new requirements that arise.


Buying a hospital bed provides several benefits which include:

  •       Long-term cost savings
  •       Better customisation options
  •       Enhanced quality, durability and comfort
  •       Peace-of-mind and support for care givers

a opera hospital bed with very customisable features

For individuals with ongoing or permanent medical needs, purchasing a hospital bed can be a more practical, cost-effective, and flexible solution compared to renting one. However, the decision to buy or rent ultimately depends on the individual's specific care requirements, budget, and long-term care plans.

How Opera can support you in buying a hospital bed

We understand that buying a hospital bed for home can be daunting – but it doesn’t have to be.

At Opera, our dedicated advisors are here to help find the best solution for you, or your loved one’s needs:

  • Personal consultation: Speak to an Opera bed expert who’ll provide a free need-based consultation to guide you to the perfect bed.
  • Rapid delivery: If you need a hospital bed quickly, we have beds available with next day delivery.
  • Generous warranty: Enjoy peace of mind with our hospital bed warranty and upgrade plans for extra cover.
  • Futureproof: We pride ourselves on finding the best bed for now and future care needs, so your hospital bed remains worthwhile.

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