Beds for Overweight People – Complete Guide

Beds for Overweight People – Complete Guide

Choosing a bariatric bed for a larger person requires careful consideration of factors such as weight capacity, support and comfort. It’s important that a bed for someone who is overweight or obese can support their weight properly and safely.

If you're interested in buying a bed suitable for Bariatric patients, Opera is here to help. Our range of beds and mattresses is suitable for all different types of body shapes and sizes.

We provide beds in wider single and dual sizes across our collection of profiling beds and electric adjustable beds, with varying weight limits and capacities available. Our helpful team of advisors can also help find you the best solution - get in touch today to find out more.

The Opera range of beds for overweight people

At Opera, we have a wide range of beds that are specifically designed to help people with health conditions. 

We specialise in two types of beds that are suitable for people that are obese or overweight:

Our profiling care beds are designed more for people with specific health conditions, or people that may need a care environment for daily life. Our adjustable beds are slightly different, although they still have many key benefits for everyday health.

Determining whether an overweight person should have a profiling bed or an adjustable bed depends on their individual needs, as well as the weight capacity of the bed and its specific features.

Which bed you choose will largely depend on the health conditions the user has, however they all provide a good quality of care. If you're unsure of which bed is best for your situation, Opera's helpful product support team will be happy to help.

Electric adjustable beds

Our adjustable beds provide a range of comfortable positions by having an elevated back and leg rest. This makes it easier for overweight people to get a comfortable position by themselves.

Opera motion adjustable bed

Obese people carry additional weight, which can place strain on the body, making it more difficult to sleep. All our adjustable beds have height adjustability features, allowing the user to find the most comfortable sleeping position. The likelihood of snoring also increases if you are a larger person, due to neck fat contracting the airways.

Our range of electric adjustable beds help to reduce snoring with a built-in anti-snore mode. This is a system in which the head is slightly tilted upwards to help open the airways, reducing snoring as part of the process. We have a range of double and single beds available, such as our Motion Adjustable Bed, so you don't need to sleep apart from your partner or spouse at night.

If you’re looking for an adjustable bed for you or your loved one, we can take you through a consultation call to find the best solution.

Profiling care beds

Our profiling care beds help facilitate care at home for someone who is obese or severely overweight.

Opera Signature Comfort Profiling Bed

Profiling beds are height adjustable, allowing you to lower and raise the whole bed when needed. This means larger patients can swing their legs into bed more easily,  For larger users with carers, it also assists with tasks such as repositioning and transferring them.

In some cases, using a profiling bed can be a good alternative to a care home environment, allowing the user to stay in their own home instead. The adjustable height these beds have makes them suitable for nursing, allowing for greater quality of care for the user.

An overweight person with limited mobility or a medical condition might be best suited to a profiling bed to support their needs. Profiling beds tend to have a higher weight capacity than other bed types. Our Signature Bariatric Profiling Care Bed is specifically designed to accommodate larger users up to 41 stone.

If you’d like to find out a little more about our bariatric care beds, read our helpful article here

What is the weight of the person?

Making sure the bed can hold the weight of the person that will be using it is essential. An overweight person needs a bed that can support their weight without sagging or causing discomfort - which can lead to health issues such as back pain or poor sleep quality.

Weighing scales

When purchasing a bed, it's essential to look for options with high weight capacities and sturdy bed frames. Our profiling beds have heavy duty bed frames and can withstand users from 26 stone to 33 stone, making them suitable for larger people. You can find the exact user weight of any bed under the specifications tab at the bottom of the product page.

If the user has a medical condition that means they are likely to gain weight in the future, it's best to choose a bed that can hold their current weight and more. We also provide VAT relief across any of our beds if you or your loved one have a named medical condition.

At Opera, every bed is made using high-quality products and robust materials, which make them built to last. We also offer a 10-night home trial where you can try any bed in the comfort of your own home to ensure it is suitable for your needs. Learn more about our trial service here.

Why might you need a bariatric bed?

There are many benefits to buying a new bed, particularly if you have a bariatric condition. Even if you don't have a medical condition requiring a new bed, it's recommended that your bed and mattress are changed every 10 years, so you don't need to compromise on comfort.

Opera Signature Bariatric Bed in Walnut Oak Finish

We've compiled a list of some of the more pressing advantages to buying a new bariatric hospital bed. If you feel that you need more information, contact our product support team for more help and advice.

Larger people require additional room

When finding a bed that’s suitable for an overweight person, it is essential that the bed size accommodates their body. A bed that is too small can be uncomfortable for them and make them feel cramped and unable to get to sleep. A standard single bed is 90cm/3ft wide, which makes it unlikely to be suitable for a larger person.

Older lady measuring a bed with a tape measure

We provide wide profiling beds that give more room and comfort to those who are overweight. Our Signature Bariatric bed is 4ft wide, making it the perfect choice for heavy users who need care at home or have mobility issues. For users struggling to get comfortable because of their size, our adjustable beds come in a variety of different widths to accommodate larger people.

Overweight people can’t move around as easily

Obese people struggle to move around easily due to the excess weight they carry, which can put a strain on their joints and muscles. The additional weight makes it difficult for them to move around freely and comfortably, affecting their mobility and quality of life.

Overweight older gentleman with his hand on his forehead wearing a grey longe sleeve top

Electric beds help to relieve muscle aches and tension throughout the body by allowing heavy people to lift their legs up easily. Sleeping with your legs raised has a number of health benefits, making it more comfortable when sitting or sleeping in bed.

Being overweight is also one of the top causes of back pain, especially in the lower back area. Another key feature of our profiling and adjustable beds is that they provide proper back support, unlike a regular bed.

Obese people are at risk of health problems

Obesity can lead to more serious health problems including sleep apnoea, which causes interrupted breathing when you sleep. As well as making you more fatigued, it also places a greater risk of diabetes, blood pressure and heart disease.

Doctor in white coat writing down symptoms of a patient

Adjustable beds can help with breathing problems and those who suffer from sleep apnoea. Sleeping in an elevated position with your head and upper body at an incline helps to open the airways. Our range of adjustable beds has an anti-snore mode, minimising snoring when asleep.

Being obese increases the load placed on weight-bearing joints, such as the knees and hips. This increased load can lead to joint damage over time, which can eventually result in arthritis.

Additionally, excess body fat can lead to inflammation throughout the body, which can also contribute to the development of arthritis. Electric beds make it easier to get comfortable for people with arthritis by distributing their weight better, as well as increasing blood flow from a range of adjustable positions.

Durability is important in beds for bigger people

A durable bed should support bariatric users’ weight over time without breaking down or sagging. A bed that is not durable will not provide adequate support which leads to discomfort for them, poor sleep quality and potentially long-term health issues.

Bed maker with Opera uniform on holding a strong piece of wood in a factory

If you’re looking for a bed for a larger person, it's essential to choose a sturdy frame that’s made from solid wood or a metal. Our Signature Bariatric bed features a fully wooden head and footboard to ensure durability and support for heavier individuals.

Our adjustable beds have a heavy duty, solid base which is more suited to heavier people. Whereas traditional beds with individual slats can break easily with excess weight.

How Opera can help you find the perfect bed

Our dedicated team of helpful advisors provide solutions to suit the individual needs and preferences of the user. Finding a bed for a heavier person can be a longer process, with several considerations taken into account, including:

  • The type of bed they need – If the user is struggling to get comfortable, an adjustable bed can help provide a better night’s sleep. For users with medical conditions or limited mobility, bariatric hospital beds provide comfort, support and safety.
  • Ensuring the bed can hold their weight – The weight capacity of the bed should be checked to make sure it is suitable to accommodate a bigger person comfortably.
  • The bed size is suitable – Larger people often need additional room to move around and get comfortable when sleeping.

The bed is durable – Bariatric clients will need beds made with robust materials such as hard wood and metal that will last and provide support - particularly when compared to standard hospital beds.

The Opera range of bariatric beds

If you're interested in our collection of bariatric beds and think you'd like to buy one, we'll be happy to help you with all your enquiries. We're trusted experts in the medical beds, with a vast range of profiling and adjustable bed products available for purchase.

At Opera, we’re rated 4.9/5 ‘Excellent’ by our customers on Trustpilot, and have helped thousands of people find the perfect bed. We offer a thorough consultation call that lets our advisors get to know your needs and provide tailored solutions to suit your individual needs.

Speak with our team today to get started, or try our online bed selector to see instant bed options and pricing.

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