Staying Together: Choosing a Bed When Your Partner Needs Care

Staying Together: Choosing a Bed When Your Partner Needs Care


Chantelle Dye

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Should you or your spouse/partner require a care bed, it can feel like an upheaval after years of sleeping together in a regular double bed. Most care beds are a 3ft single size and with considerations like side rails and different mattress types, it can seem inevitable that you will need to sleep separately. That doesn't have to be the case though.

Here are some ways you can continue to sleep together whilst accommodating any care needs and ensuring you are both comfortable and supported.

Put two beds side-by-side

Putting a hospital-type bed next to another single-size bed is an obvious option. It isn't ideal to put a care bed next to a regular divan bed as bed heights and sizing differences could mean there are gaps and mismatches between the two beds. However, buying two identical profiling beds and putting them side-by-side works well and has been done by a lot of our customers. Here are some examples...

Profiling Bed for Couples


  • You can adjust each side of the bed (including high-low height) independently
  • Two identical beds together visually look like one bed


  • There will be a gap between the mattresses
  • You will need two separate sets of bedding
  • Two care beds side-by-side can take up a lot of space

Double size profiling beds

Double profiling beds may seem like a good idea but they actually aren't very practical. For high-low profiling beds, the widest size you can get is 4ft (small double) which is very tight for two people. Also, should one of you need to adjust the bed it means both of you have to be in that position.


  • One double size bed keeps costs down
  • Good option where there are room space constraints


  • Limited space in the bed for two people
  • Unable to each have independent positions
  • Sleep disturbance will likely be an issue

Dual/twin profiling beds

A dual profiling bed has all the benefits of one profiling bed, but with a split mattress platform built for two people. The whole bed can be raised and lowered to ease getting in and out of bed, and also to facilitate nursing on the bed. The independent mattress platforms allow each sleeper to adjust their position in bed via electronic handsets, without affecting the other partner.

More Info: Benefits of Split Mattress Electric Beds



  • You can each adjust your back/leg rest independently for personalised comfort
  • No gap between mattresses
  • One bed means one duvet (separate mattress sheets required) 
  • The only available size is 6ft super king which may be an issue for smaller rooms

Recommended Bed: Opera® Signature Comfort Dual Profiling Bed


If space allows, a dual/twin profiling bed is an excellent choice as it gives you the best of both worlds. You can adjust your back/leg rest independently which is essential for comfort and to prevent disturbance whilst still having one bed. However, everybody's needs are different with care requirements, room size, and budget to consider. These three options should help you to make a decision and enable you to continue to sleep together as a couple. If you need any help in deciding or choosing a bed, give our friendly expert team a call on 0333 222 8584 and we'll help you through the whole process.

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