Funding and Financing Your New Adjustable Bed

Funding and Financing Your New Adjustable Bed

Did you know that there are alternative payment options for when you’re buying an adjustable bed with Opera? These options can offer you flexible payments, which allow you to spread the cost of your bed, giving you the option of how many payments you want and how long you have to pay back.

With a suitable payment option, you’ll have more variety when it comes to buying your adjustable bed, without the worry of having to pay upfront. You may also be eligible for a grant from the local council or an NHS trust.

Klarna Finance

Klarna is a buy now, pay later company that works with businesses to offer you flexible payments. Klarna offers a safe, secure and flexible payment option (9.9% APR), allowing you to buy now and pay later on for all kinds of goods, from clothing to furniture and even adjustable beds.

When purchasing an adjustable bed with Klarna, you have the option to spread the cost over 6, 12 or 24 months. This can offer you more flexibility and freedom when it comes to choosing the bed you want. 

Using Klarna as a payment method with Opera is very simple. You can apply for credit through our website or over the phone. An Opera advisor sets up an application for your order, which you then receive by email or text from Klarna. This application form asks you for your personal details. 

Once Klarna has approved your application, your order is completed and we can begin arranging the delivery of your bed.

Please note that Opera requires a 25% deposit on each order.

VAT Relief

Although this isn’t a funding or financing option, VAT relief is something to keep in mind when purchasing your bed. If you have a disability or a long-term illness, you won’t be charged VAT on any of our products that are designed or adapted to help you with your disability and are for personal use. 

Claiming VAT relief on your order is simple. All you need to do is provide written confirmation and a brief description of your medical condition, this can be done by filling in a form during the checkout stage of your purchase. But to qualify, you must meet the criteria. 

For more information, follow this link: VAT Relief | Opera Beds.

NHS Funding (for Care Beds)

You may be able to claim for provision of a care bed, or funding for one. The NHS, your hospital or local council could provide you with a hospital-style bed, or contribute towards purchasing a medical bed for your home.

To find out more information and to see if you are eligible, speak with your occupational therapist, district nurse or local GP.

If you’re eligible, a request is sent to the hospital or council to arrange for either funding or for a hospital bed to be delivered to your home. However, it’s important to be aware that it may take a while to secure your bed, therefore you could be waiting longer to be discharged from the hospital. Additionally, the bed provided may only be temporary until you can buy your own. 

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